3 Fix Of Skype Problem With Recording Device [Solved]

Are you suffering from the skype problem with recording device during or before your video conference or call? I think, now you are in the right spot to check where are the issue with your system, microphone or configuration of the Skype system. In this article, I will select some common or problematic scenarios to solve in this guide that also include all of your problems.

Skype Problem With Recording Device [Solved]

In my thoughts, I always prefer skype to call my friend and family and other clients related to my work but sometimes it’s urgent, or on a regular basis, my earphone does not work, or voice is not coming through videos that are a signal for “skype problem with the recording device.”

So, follows my instructions and try all the solution that will resolve your problems.

1#. Check Skype Configuration

This step is the primary way towards solving this skype problem with recording device to check some setting in your Skype configuration.  If you check this box, then leave it and go on to my second solution that can help you to reach the goal.

In this answer, you require to check your webcam, microphone, recording device, and another external camera configuration under their section. To go through with it follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to your skype home page

Step 2: Click on the tool button that showing on your display, you can have it in text version or image version. It depends on your version number of Skype if old then maybe text and in updated you can see a logo.

Step 3: After completing the last level, click on the sound device configuration device related button that will forward you to the setting page of devices.

skype configuration

Step 4: Now, you can try two things, reset all configuration or if you know about what you want then set all shapes to that defined level.

2#. Check your system’s sound settings

If you did the last step and did not get the result, then try this next solution. It can resolve your headache of skype problem with recording device and give some relief.

In this step, I think about two scenarios, one that you are using window platform and otherwise, you are a MacBook user.

Step 1: Reach to the microphone or device setting in the various operating system. For the window go to the control panel and mac you can try Shiri or their sound setting option.

Step 2: Check your devices that they are showing they’re connected or not if your device does showing connected there then it may be the driver issue or your hardware plug issue.

system setting

Step 3: Unplug them all and connect again if you do not see now then search for drivers.  You can also check them on your mobile or with other systems to know that it is your hardware problem or not.

3#. Use Some External Tools or software

In my opinion, if you are reading this solution, then I think now your problem is related to software or your system need the help of external software to record the calls and other stuff. I know some of the best things to resolve your issue regarding skype problem with recording device.

You can use the Fixit tool to solve all mess regarding the recording devices for your Skype calls. To use it on your computer follows the below-written steps.

Step 1: First download the Fixit tool for Skype from the internet and install on your system

Step2 : Now you are getting the lots of configuration options or problem solutions that you are facing for some time

Step 3: Select the button according to the problem you are facing with recording device at the time of Skype call recording. There are some buttons you can see there, and I am mentioning some of them please choose if you are getting such errors.

 Step 4: Here are the errors that can be solved:

1. your speaker or headphone volume is very low.

2. You system audio is weak or not enough for listening.

3. The device you are using is not set default or first choice for default audio device or playback.

So. cover these various options with the help of the Fixit tool and click on the buttons that are solving them.

Step 5: Now try a test call option and use it to check that your problem is solved or not.

Step 6: Follow these instructions, and you get the solution for skype problem with recording device and tell me about it in the comment box.


If you are reading till now, then you solved your recording device, and now all things are okay. If you want to thank me, then please share my blog with other people and let them know that this skype problem with recording device can be solved easily by using my instructions.

Please give me a comment in the below section, So it is easy for me to improve if any things did not work out.

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