Top 5 social messaging apps To Kill Time in 2020

Nowadays, everyone is in touch with social networking. Every people have an account on a social platform.

Even kids also get attached to social media. Many people have an addiction to social networking. Many apps are very popular the growth of these apps is increasing day by day. Such as Instagram, Facebook, and many more. This app has accounts all over the world. These apps have a very amazing feature such as you can post videos, meet new peoples, and can have a video call and many people. Let us know about these apps in details here we go-

  • Whatsapp- WhatsApp Messenger or simply Whatsapp is download on smartphones. Everyone has a smartphone and Whatsapp app installed in it .but it is also accessible from desktop computers as long as the user’s mobile device remains connected to the internet while they use the desktop app. It is the most widely used app for teenagers and people. It is regularly used by teenagers and people. It has been used by 1 billion people all around the world to stay in touch. The app is user friendly. It uses the internet and allows users to send messages, documents, images, pdf, and video .it is used for communication all over the world. It is very useful for students in sharing their notes, projects and articles, and many more helpful features.

  • Facebook- is one of the best apps in recent days. It provides a platform to connect with your friends, colleagues, schools and even to people you don’t know but online. It will provide the users some features such as sharing pictures, music, videos, and even you can share your thoughts and your opinion for this you will get likes and comments from your friends on your post. it also provides a platform for business so that the owners can attract the customers which is a very productive way. You can reach your customers to billions. If you began spending a lot of time on Facebook can become a habit as cigarettes!.

  • GBWhatsapp- There is nothing perfect in the world like Whatsaap has many features but limited with many restrictions. But there is another and updated version of WhatsApp. The company had provided a new version and gave the name GB Whatsapp. It provides more features than its official app such as you can use dual accounts in one device .you can use this app in your smartphone, You will get gbwhatsapp apk download file from google with the GB Whatsapp you will fall in love with chatting. Some of the amazing features of GB Whatsapp such as you can hide your last seen, status, and profile picture. You can also hide your blue tick.

  • Instagram- It is a free and online photo-sharing app and of course a social networking platform and it works on both platforms mobile applications and desktop sites. it was created by two great persons mike Krieger and Kevin systrom which was acquired by Facebook in 2012. It allows you to make your photos more effective through editing and then you can upload and even you can short videos and can share. In privacy, it provides you an option to make your account private (only your followers can view your images and story) or public (everyone can view your profile means who is not in your followers they can also view. You can locate the place on your post and can add hashtags. and can also have group chatting. it has newly added IGTV.

  • Snapchat- It is one of the most famous and popular among teenagers. Its features are very unique and different from other apps. The latest feature of Snapchat was stories where you can post both images and videos. The story will disappear once it is viewed in a matter of just 10 seconds. it provides you different types of snaps which are very amazing to see. it makes your photo and video more effective by Appling filters, text, and snaps. it is also so good at chatting and making phone calls. It provides you a direct connection with customers. Snapchat can be harmful when children under the age of 18 will delete the snaps so the parents can’t see what the child is doing with this app.

Conclusion- the growth of social media is increasing day by day which makes our India more smart and fast. Social media also helps many people such as some are not able to give time to their family so through these apps you can stay in touch. it is also good for business. Through these, you can connect with new customers. So it is so beneficial when all use these social media at the proper time and in the right way. Especially children under the age of 18 should have limited time so in this way, their studies will not get the effect.

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