Software development process. How to master your code

Software development is not an easy process. It’s not like you open a code editor and then you start developing the software. Even, there are quite a lot of steps that go behind the scenes. So in case if you are looking for a basic guide on the software development process, then let me guide you through it.

In this article, I will talk about the basic steps that come into play when someone thinks about software development. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much time:

Software development process


The first stage is to plan your software development process. First of all decide what kind of software you are trying to develop, what are the requirements, how much time you will need. And then create a roadmap and stick with it.


The next thing is Analysis. In this step, you analyze the performance of the software at different ranges. Also, you figure out what kind of additional requirements your project will need.


The next step is the design. Once you are done with the analysis it is time to jump into the design part. In this part, you will need to build the basic architecture of the project, or you can say the working prototype of the software you are making. Even if you are building the software for a client, then in this step you have to approve the software from your client’s end too.

Development & Implementation:

After that, you have to jump into the development part. In this part, you build the software and make it ready for the implementation. Even if your clients have asked for any changes, then you have to complete them in this section only.

Also, once you are done building the software it the time to implement it. If it is a web app, then you will need to set up hosting and deal with server things.


Also, before you hand over the software, you need to test your software for any errors or documents. Like if the software is hack-able, or the software is acting weird in some parts or anything. You need to look into deep down of the software and see if everything is fine or not.


The last thing is maintenance. Your job does not end when you hand over the project to your customer. Even you need to offer maintenance support too. For example, while using the software if your client faces any bugs or issues, well you need to fix that. Even if your customer requires any more changes in the software in future. Then you have to do it as well. Also, you must provide updates and support to the software from time to time.

Final Words:

So that was all about the Software development process. Different software companies like Vironit out there use this roadmap to build most of their software projects. And you must do the same. Also, for any questions feel free to comment below.

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