Spotting The Issues That Push Users Away from Your Website

When it comes down to the most important components of high-quality websites that can engage qualified leads, it’s usually about the three basic things: original content, graphics, and content. If you want to have a good website, you must invest time and effort (along with other resources) to make it valuable for your target audience – a simple mix of colors and graphics isn’t enough. Your company’s website must be able to convert visitors into paying customers, boost your brand awareness, and subsequently improve your ROI. But to do all of this and more, let’s be honest: you need some expert assistance.

Today, if you are not a company that works in website design and development, it’s best not even to try creating a website on your own. In other words, the only appropriate way to create or update a website is by hiring one reputable web design agency in San Francisco that can provide you with qualified website design and development services that are within your budget and meet your deadlines. But let’s say you decide to use a free website builder instead, you’re convinced you can take care of all your website related needs on your own. This path runs the risk of damaging your reputation and reducing conversion rates. Users who you could have converted into customers with a better website will ultimately turn to your competitors and become their customers when all is said and done. So, if you want your company to prosper and have great ROI, you need the assistance of a reliable web design agency.

Now, if you aren’t entirely sure that your website gets enough exposure and visitors or if you think that something in it pushes prospective customers away, you need to review particular dimensions of your site seriously. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can review and some steps you can take to improve your site.

The Design Must Be Contemporary

Every single day the world is becoming more technologically advanced. Internet users have particular expectations of websites they visit, specifically when using them to buy products or services.

If your company website is outdated or too complicated to navigate, you should seriously consider updating it. Discuss the issues your website has and come up with an approach to fix them with your web design agency. Business these days requires a modern appearance that can instill confidence in your site visitors when dealing with you.

Website Visitors Shouldn’t Feel Too Obligated

The moment you demand personal data from your visitors, there is a fairly good probability most visitors will leave your site immediately.

More often than not, first-time site visitors on your site because they want to find particular information, and then they leave. Further on down in the sales funnel, it’s fine to ask for such contact information such as their name or email address. However, at the beginning of the process, you must remove any bottlenecks that might hamper the flow of the sales funnel.

You may want to ask for personal data as part of your calls-to-action (CTAs) or signup forms. But never demand it for most of the regular content on your website – this will surely push people away.

Offers Have to Be Transparent

If you offer your visitors anything similar to: “Get 20% off our deals today! Just sign up for our newsletter,” it is important never to make it conditional.

One of the biggest problems for many web users is trying to claim an offer but instead bumping into more hurdles before being able actually to get the offer. So, if you won’t provide a 20% discount before your client spends $1,000, state this condition upfront.

Otherwise, your prospective customers might leave your website frustrated and irritated by the fact that you offered a discount or deal and then fell short on your promise.

Your Site Must Be Clear and Simple to Navigate

If graphics and colors overload your site, it may seem too busy and confusing to visitors. In many cases, users are simply going to leave and look for a different site that’s cleaner and easier to navigate.

Although this may seem like a subjective preference, having someone outside of your firm test, your website is always a great idea. And, if they tell you they were confused while trying to find the needed information, maybe it’s time to reconsider your website’s design. This is where a web design agency can sure come in handy!

Avoid Using Stock Images

Poor quality stock photos are probably one of the worst things to add to a company’s site. They look like spam, and they give the impression that you don’t have enough resources to take individual pictures. This reflects poorly on your business, regardless of your industry.

Good and unique images help illustrate your business and what solutions it offers customers. However, like stock photos, staged images will not do any good for your website, either. Instead, it’s better to hire a professional photographer who can take high-quality photos of your office, team, products, past projects, and anything else you want to include. Web design agencies often have in-house photographers, so talk to your agency to find the best solutions available.

Keep Prices Clear

One of the things that prospective customers look for when seeking services is a transparent site with clear pricing information. If you want your visitors to jump through hoops to see the price of your product or service, this will detract visitors rapidly.

In most cases, visitors to websites are simply visiting. In other words, many people are just going to look for information on your product or service to compare it to the information other companies are presenting. You should offer detailed information about prices to your site visitors – this will push them through your sales funnel effectively.


If you have noticed any of the issues described above on your site, you shouldn’t delay fixing them. While it may be a bit discouraging, try to look at this positively– you have an opportunity to learn how to handle some of your websites’ issues and actively improve your business metrics.

One thing is for sure: you can’t make essential and necessary changes for your business without a reputable web design agency. You should find a design company with a team able to identify all of the problems on your site, turning visitors away, and fix them in the most effective way possible. You must understand that, if properly executed, managed, and maintained, your company website is going to become your business’s #1 assistant that will tirelessly advocate for your cause, win leads, and convert them into clients. Neglecting the quality of the website and features leads to the shrinking of the audience and the decrease in conversion rates. It will inevitably lead to lower sales and bad ROI. So, to avoid an outcome like this, make sure to find and hire a web design agency that has experience with websites from your niche and can provide you with useful client testimonials. It is the only way forward for you and your business.

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