Start your business right in 2021 with an Ecommerce themed 

E-commerce has overtaken the business and has been still growing immensely. People love ordering their favorite stuff within one click. The latest updates with an easy return policy and cash on delivery have made it more convenient for the customers, and they are going crazy over it. With the rapid change in technologies, the Website keeps updating with new trendy designs.


The features may look innovative but become outdated after some time. One needs to stay updated with their features to avoid losing conversation with your audience. Your Website must be easy to use and should look fantastic. After all, online shopping is all about customer’s convenience, and your competitors must be running laps around you. In this article, we will share such vital elements that you can focus on to make your business move in the right direction with an Ecommerce themed Website. For creating the trendiest E-commerce themed Website, join hands with an Ecommerce website with FirstCom.

  1. User-Friendly Design

You don’t need to experiment with too many designs and colors. Simplicity is the key to building effective E-commerce. Customers give more preference to ease over appearance. The site must be easy to configure and find what one needs. Make use of attractive colors to the eye and avoid over advertising to create a mess on your web page. Make sure to categorize every product according to type and budget. The clear path to find exact products is what you need to maintain for a robust user experience. The other important aspects include mobile responsiveness, navigation, and a website that doesn’t need much guidance and could speak for itself.

  1. Social Proof

Emotions have a significant role play in marketing and sales. This also helps to connect your target customers socially. The main concern during online shopping is about the quality of the product. The customers need to have an accurate guess, but many times products deliver don’t match the colors showing on the Website, or they may differ in quality. This is where social proof comes where the customers who have already purchased similar products can post the reviews along with the pictures. This gives more confidence, trust, and clarity about the real product in the journey of clicking the ‘Buy now’ button. The other things like the site’s loading speed and content in your phone matter equally as the customers want it quickly and quickly.

  1. User-Generated Content

To encourage and convince your customers, you need the support of eye-catchy content. The content is a way to reflect the love for the products, which can be done by sharing incentives and sharing Instagram posts. The customers can see the real effect of the work in the videos or pages with the hashtags. This also inspires me on how to use the best of the product. Apart from this, what customers remain most concerned about is security in the growing world of cybercrime, which captures financial information. Your customers need to feel protected and safe with their credit card information to make the purchase next. For this, the best way is to invest in two-factor authentication for site security.

  1. Multiple “Contact Us” Touchpoints

 Your visitors must be hassle-free and assured that your assistance would be available whenever needed. If the customer is unsure about the policies or product and availability of discounts, they know you are just a text away. Make sure they don’t need to scroll up and down to find you. Your site must have the availability of clear communication channels via phone, mail, and chatbots. It will help them gain trust in your site. The other important aspect is FAQs, which helps when the customer doesn’t want to contact you personally. FAQs are commonly centered issues to provide visitors with a resource to overcome obstacles. The customers can get their answers fast, and it will help to establish credibility.


Apart from these high-resolution images to showcase the elements with multiple angles and zoom facilities, wish list facilities with the option to share with their networks and ads for related products are some of the new trending features. 

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