15 Stores Like Nasty Gal To Buy Women And Girls dresses

Nasty Gal have preferred prospect for the girls who want to get the shoes, jewelry, fashion clothes online. These stores are ubiquitous among women and girls. You can check or select many clothing designs, accessories, and shoes on your handset. I can say that Shopping is pretty easy and accessible at the online clothing stores like nasty gal.

Nasty Gal is a Women’s clothing store that is available online and keeps the customers in 60+ countries. It is an American clothing agency that helps girls to obtain new fashion clothes at affordable rates. However, Nasty Gal is not enough for girls who love to shop more. For them, I have a wide range of stores like Nasty Gal, so they can buy their desirable clothes and shoes using them.

There are many offers, deals, new fashion elements and lots of product to buy for shopping loving girls. In my opinion, you will find new clothes and shoes for upcoming parties and events at these stores like Nasty Gal. Check content to know about these stores and what is the particular thing about them.

Clothing is somewhat which is used to cover the human body. In all the living beings only human is that animal which prefers to wear clothes. In early ages, human nature just used clothes to protect himself from weather like heat or rain. Nowadays clothing is not a material only to cover yourself, but it also seems like a fashion.

In this trending fashion time there is much competition in this garment industry, so to make the business more profitable and securing new customers it is necessary to reach them quickly.

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There are many business ideas to reach the customers more efficiently, from that one of the most convenient ones is online shopping.

Today online shopping is the most convenient method to achieve the customers, seeing this there are many websites which offer you the latest fashion at its lowest price. Nasty Gal is the trending one.

Stores Like Nasty Gal

I made a list of best stores like nasty gal for the girls who keep the quite high knowledge of fashion and trending accessories. It is an entirely responsible task for me to choose from the numerous online stores.

However, Nasty Gal is a pretty top class brand nowadays among girls and women customers. So today I am going to discuss the 15 major shopping websites like Nasty Gal.

1) Pixie Market

Store Link: https://www.pixiemarket.com

Pixie Market is a leading fashion hub which is founded by Galle Drevet and Magda Pietrobelli in 2006. It placed offline in New York. They decided to put their feet into the fashion market after the trip to India in 2006 they always tried to retain the prices low almost below $100.

pixie market

If you are looking for clothes in an intermediate range of cost, then you can try Pixie Market for one time.

2) The misguided US

Store Link: https://www.missguidedus.com/clothing

The misguided US is an e-commerce site which is founded by Nitin Passi in 2008. The offline store of this brand located in Manchester, united kingdom. It also works for the celebrity endorsement. Pop star Nicole has also planned some of the collections of Missguided US.

Its sale is over 140 $ million. Passi has also anchored their sites in America. This store like nasty gal keeps something unique for students and modern girls.

You can buy outfits for your prom from this nasty gal alternative. There are many discounts also live for pupils costume and regular shopping customers.

3) Tobi

Store Link: https://www.tobi.com

Tobi has a big-hearted number of followers on Facebook. I can say that this stores income ultimately depends on the social media. The company claims that he had customers in over 100 countries and it employs over 300 people. This company has outfits which are in the price range between 50$ to 80$.

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The central notion about the company is that it takes care of the customers who are not sure about their sizes. The girls, who are not much included in fashion thing they will like this option in the room of stores like Nasty Gal.

4) Dotti

Store Link: https://www.dotti.com.au/shop/en/dotti

Dotti is a fashion brand which has its fashion store in Australia and New Zealand. It was founded by Raymond Davis and Linda Bowen in Sydney 1981.

It deals in women’s fashion apparel, footwear, and accessories and they’re their primary targets are the females who are between the ages of 18 to 28. As per 2018, this company has 225 stores of which 198 are in Australia and 22 in New Zealand.


Girls who live in Australia can choose this store as a primary option for stores like Nasty Gal.

5) LuLu’s

Store Link: https://www.lulus.com

Lulu’s is a mother and daughter company as it established by the team of mother and daughter Debra Cannon and Colleen Winter in 1966. It is located in Chico California.

During the launch of this company, its name was LuLu’s fashion lounge and later on its changes its name to LuLu’s. It deals with all beauty products, dresses, and accessories in trendy styles.

This store is the especially medieval monk that embrace loads of market in women clothing and fashion.

6) Dorothy Perkin

Store Link: http://www.dorothyperkins.com

It is the company founded in 1909 by ladies Hosiery and Underwear Limited. This store customer calls it as DP.

As it was founded in 1909, it was the time when no one knew about fashion. Firstly it was only the store, but later on, the company expanded their online presence to include the US where retailers like Forever 21 are thriving.

Dorothy Perkin is my chosen one in these all store like Nasty Gal. It is quite astonishing and trendy on the internet nowadays.

7) Showpo

Store Link: https://www.showpo.com

The founder of show company was jane lu in 2010. This store is offline available in Sydney, Australia. It was first perceived as the Show Pony. The founder of the company was a corporate lady and tired in the corporate sector.

Later on, he decided to sell colorful clothing online it has a trendy fashion and fashion which is reliable for the young generation.

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Store Link: https://www.asos.com

ASOS is a British online store which has the fashion for adults and young. It was founded by Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffiths in 2000. Its headquarters are in London.

Rather than clothing it also deals in accessories. Asos also keeps an extensive collection of men clothing and accessories.

It contains a well-optimized search bar for searching your essential products by their brand name or item names. I always rate this store very high on my list of stores like the nasty gal.

9) Supre

Store Link: https://supre.com.au

Supre is Another high-quality online store to buy girls product and new fashion clothes for women.

It is an Australian fashion brand company with over 133 stores in Australia. Supre’s headquarters are located in Geelong Victoria.

It was acquired by cotton on the group in 2013. Supre contains various kind of variety of product like girls top, bottoms, jeans, denim, and other fantastic product.


Supre designers always come with the trendy designs in the fashion industry because of top rated designers.

10) Princess Polly

Store Link: https://www.princesspolly.com

Princess Polly is the latest women’s fashion from dresses and accessories. It is an Australian brand which mainly deals with the trend of the women age between 16 to 26. 400 new styles add to their stories and every week of the Year.

This store like nasty gal receives the order from worldwide. They can deliver their product in any part of the world.

11) Free People

Store Link: https://www.freepeople.com

Free People is an American boutique company which is founded by Dick Hayne. It deals in apparel, accessories, shoes, intimates, etc. This store covers the bohemian fashion in the USA and sells a vast range of product online.

freepeople in stores like nasty gal

You can look at this store if you are curious in stores like Nasty gal for raiment and women products.

12) Boohoo

Store Link: https://www.boohoo.com

Boohoo is a store where you can mainly go for the party pieces and some geeky clothes. This online store delivers the product in Australia, middle east, Europe and North America cities. Numerous sales, offers and student’s discounts available on the many clothes and related items.

According to buying frequency, coats, knits, and boots are the main products that people bought more than other things. You can buy the boohoo exclusive products on the website also that is related to boutique, night and cosmetics many more.

13) Forever21

Store Address: https://forever21.com

Forever21 is the name that general people is familiar with if you are not then read this paragraph. It will help you to understand this giant shopping store. This nasty gal alternative is served in languages like French, Italian, English and three more.

Forever 21 includes products like skirts, swimwear, shorts, active wear, bodysuits and many more. In the accessories section, people can purchase things like bags, shoes, tech and more others. Plus+curve category is an interesting one for people who have high body weight.

14) Modcloth

Store Link: https://www.modcloth.com

Modcloth is a quality web page that you can see into the sea of sites like Nasty Gal. This alternative is appropriate for the folks who are pretty interested in nasty gal vintage option and also looking for something similar.

You can buy the items from the sections like outwear, wedding items, decor items, and others. This store is dedicated to women and girls as similar to nasty gal store.

15) Eloquii

Store Link: https://www.eloquii.com

Eloquii is a lesser known alternative for the nasty gal that is used for plus size clothes. There are many profitable and valuable deals and discount accessible on the site at every time of the year.

It keeps the product related to jackets, work dresses, accessories and many more item in their collection.

You can also get new and stylish fashion designs made by many big brands and fashion designers on this web page.

Last Words On Stores Like Nasty Gal

Hence, the populace, I reached the end and finished the task to provide you with the ideas related to online clothing stores for girls clothe’s.

To access these, please use the given website’s address on the page and enter them into your browser. Check the material or clothes, on each site and also compare the price to know about every store more.

If you are the owner of such kind of stores or person who is in the management, please give me the detailed information regarding it and comment or email me about it. I will also add that in the list if it matches the level of nasty gal store.

I think till now, you checked some of these stores like nasty gal for your items. If you did this, then please comment on your experience with the little bit of description and put that into the comment section available in below part of this page.

If any issue regarding the above-listed stores like nasty gal then let me know, I will update the info if it is useful for my readers.

Thanks For Reading!

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