Taking behind the Wheel

Planet Earth feels like a small but densely populated town these days, and a car assistant can help you get around the issue of having to always remain connected. Even behind the wheel, there is a lot you can do without breaking any laws and/or endangering yourself, as long you have the tech. Want to take notes and keep track of things while in a traffic jam? No problem!

The hands-free technology we can see more and more in vehicles has been getting better and better. Notably, it is improving toward not only better performance but also easier access. We have VPAs like Alexa that can be tweaked but are not specifically geared toward a car. We have built-in assistants for different brands (β€˜Hey Mercedes!’, etc.), and there is this thing called Android Auto. After all, we can put our phone in the holder and call it a day.

Nevertheless, devices like those cannot replace an audio recorder which is fit for the task by design. They also fail to combine portability and the hands-free experience we have been looking for in our digital helper.

Creating Senstone, we paid special attention to how you experience driving. We have taken into account all challenges a driver might face, both on the road and outside the car – such as having to carry things and pack/unpack them and the danger of distractions; we have also implemented noise suppression to allow for quality recordings even with the sounds of traffic in the background.

All in all, a truly productive car assistant has to meet several criteria.

1#) Wireless :

Absolutely no wires, no cables, no cords, and no holders or 12-volt ports either. Wires introduce a whole new level of avoidable stress, always get tangled, and kill all the fun. There is a very good reason why most people love wireless tech!

2#) Hands-free :

Safe driving is a top priority, and safety of the driver and their passengers is paramount. Taking hands off the wheel can be dangerous, not to mention inconvenient. Besides, most countries have laws against using handheld devices while driving.

3#) Screen-free :

With hands-free technology taking care of gestures, screen-free devices make sure the driver does not get distracted visually. A good assistant can do its job without a display in sight.

4#) Wearable :

Yes, wearable. A hands-free device which is also screen-free, wireless, and portable is best transported as a piece of wearable tech. You can carry it anywhere and never misplace it. This fits the bill for a perfect voice assistant for drivers – one hundred percent.

5#) Smart :

Of course, to power all its functions and make recording as smooth as possible, we need artificial intelligence. Digital smarts make a good device great. Imagine having to transcribe your notes by hand instead of getting them ready and spell-checked on your phone! This would not do at all, especially for users who wish to stay productive and effortlessly busy.

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