TeamViewer Alternatives Top 10 Remote Desktop Softwares

Teamviewer alternatives are some fantastic tools you must need on your PC. The remote desktop software is useful for every desktop user in the modern era. Teamviewer alternative give great options for you to fulfill your remote desktop requirements. I think I will provide you with complete details about these TeamViewer alternatives and how can use them for your work.

What Is TeamViewer

In any organization we all need to connect to various computers around us or even to the servers for various works and even sometimes file transferring is also required. How about accessing your data stored on the computer system kept at your home anytime and anywhere without touching your system just on your little pocket device; androids/iOS? This fantastic accessibility is provided by the various applications that can efficiently run on the devices.

One of the prevalent applications available for the users is TeamViewer. Highly used computer software which allows remote accessing of computers, file transfer between the processors and features like online meetings and conferencing. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry, macOS, and many more.

Importance of TeamViewer Alternatives

Cases have aroused the security problem with the TeamViewer, and their developers have no remedy to it. Some say that the fault lies with the users. The problem is also with the complexities that the user faces while using it. Further, if you need a business version of it, TeamViewer charges a substantial fee over you. Hence, if in any case, the TeamViewer is unable to meet your requirements or due to any reason you are not satisfied with it, check out the following list of teamviewer alternatives available for this. Check the features of each and select the best option for you.

teamviewer alternatives

10 TeamViewer Alternatives

1. LogMeIn Pro

For solutions to remote accessing of the desktop on individual and company’s level, LogMeIn pro is one of the best alternative to teamviewer you can go for. It has various premium schemes that you can select according to the features you require in it. The software provides a very simple accessing to desktop anytime and anywhere. It provides the cloud base connectivity. You always want this software as a teamviewer alternative.

2. Join.Me is one of the best alternatives to TeamViewer. Only the presenter needs to install the software and rest can join by just following the link that the presenters share with them. Whosoever gets the link for it just asks for the controls of other computers. I always like this software in the  amazing teamviewer alternatives options.

In case you need to become a presenter then you have to download this 35 MB of software over your network and run it. It supports features like audio/video conferencing, screen sharing, presenter swapping, whiteboarding, etc. It is also a option for teamviewer alternative free category.

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3. Real VNC

Real virtual network computing offers the secure and reliable connection between the computers. It is available in free and paid versions with some difference in the features provided. IP address could connect various computers. It is supported upon Mac OS, Linux, UNIX, Windows, Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi. Further, it provides VNC authentication, encryption, file transfers, chatting, etc. It is also fullfill the condition of best alternative teamviewer.

4. Splashtop

When you need to access the desktop on a regular basis it is the best remote desktop software you can go with. It needs to be there on both the programs that is one whose computer has to be remote and the other who has to remove it. Spllashtop is also famous in the category of programs like teamviewer.

5. WebEx Free

This remote software is the best tool for conducting meetings. It is available in free as well as the premium version for desktop and mobile; for people to connect through their systems. The presenter of the meeting should install this software and pass it to all the members to give them the control of his system’s mouse and keyboard. If you want to find a free option in the teamviewer alternatives list then WebEx will give you a excellent and affordable quality.

You can opt for chatting or face-to-face video meetings and the necessary file sharing through this software. It is compatible with Mac OS, Linux, Windows and mobile applications. This application also searched as a free alternative of teamviewer.

6. Ultra VNC

Another teamviewer alternative based on virtual network computing. It establishes a quick connection between the computers for the transfer of files. Just a click is required to download the app and an easy setup process to start the desktop accessing. The ultra VNC provides strong encryption and authentication in the name of security. This free software is compatible with Windows OS. This software is also known in the table of remote desktop alternative.

7. Ammyy Adminn

For any of the individuals or business involving remote desktop sharing one of the very fantastic software is Ammyy Adminn. Its positive feature is its size which is less than 1MB. You can connect to other systems remotely and perform live chats and file transfers very efficiently. It is simple to use and is available in both free and premium versions that are compatible with Windows. I always think, this software in the list of apps like teamviewer.

8. Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Windows remote desktop connection is pre-installed software on Windows operating systems. It is available at the control system of the system. All you need to do is connect the router of the remote PC to the port 3389 and then is directly connected to your PC.  This free built-in software is compatible with Mac OS and windows; is best for the beginners but doesn’t allow you two connect with multiple PCs.

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9. Mikogo

Mikogo has a size of 12MB that is one of the most straightforward options that you can employ for desktop sharing. One of the fantastic features of it is that the receiver doesn’t need to install Mikogo; all you have to do is send them an email to join the session. It also allows the user to add graphics and text that is called as whiteboard mode.  You can perform chat, voice conferencing and much more in the single software. It even permits the presenters to switch. MIkogo is a best teamviewer alternative in the many people opinion.

10. AnyDesk

To overcome the complexities offered by the TeamViewer you can go for the AnyDesk computer software. All you need to do is to download it from the web and run it on your PC. Anydesk works as a teamviewer alternative mac and teamviewer alternative window.

In case you need to transfer the file to another user, he/she needs to open it and enter the ID of your PC. It is very similar to the famous app ShareIt. The sender will receive a request asking for the connection; accordingly, the sender can accept or reject it. The AnyDesk also provides an additional feature of chatting. The security issue is resolved by the giving a password to it.

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