The benefits of work with big game developers

The opportunities for career growth and salary growth in a large company are higher, since, in principle, there are more management positions, and sooner or later they are released not in one or another department. Many new projects are launched. Of course, there are times when secretaries in small firms become commercial directors after a year of work, but after all, everyone understands the true scale of such a leader. In large organizations, growth is more adequate, and it is usually supported by such experience, after which a person in the labor market is simply torn to pieces.

The benefits of work with big game developers

When voting in our ratings, they outweigh in the minds of the overwhelming majority of the working population, therefore, market leaders from year to year are recognized as the best employers.


Working in a aaa game art studio, you are confident in the future: the company will not go bankrupt or fall apart overnight. Factors such as a long history, a strong brand, large budgets, and the company’s global growth give employees a sense of belonging and security.

Good product to be proud with

The product or service of a large company is usually easy to sell, because the reputation in the market has already been formed.

Clear grading system

That is, there is a well-established system of career growth for each employee, as well as a system of bonuses and benefits. Also, an employee in a large company can grow both horizontally and vertically. Possibility of internship and work abroad. This is an invaluable advantage for young professionals.

Good training system

Personnel development is one of the mandatory components of the corporate culture. Also it is an important condition for increasing the attractiveness of the company’s brand. Also, work in such organizations provides an opportunity to receive additional education or improve qualifications. If in a large company some processes are not debugged, there is always an opportunity to gain experience working with processes in a large system. Also, tasks solved within a large organization are always more ambitious and affecting many other people and processes, which brings up an additional level of responsibility and a systematic approach.

Highly structured functions and departments

As a rule, it is always clear there who is responsible for what. Working in a large company will add weight to you in society and stability in life. In the labor market, you will be appreciated more as an experienced specialist.

Gamification and motivation systems

You can accumulate points, earn points, collect promotional colored stickers from your superiors, compete for the title of employee of the month, move out of the yellow zone to a more prestigious green zone, and so on.

Prospects for further employment

Having worked for big game studios with a big name, it is much easier for you to find a place for yourself in the future. Working, and most importantly, achieving some significant results in a large company is a big plus for a resume, both for further work in other companies and for building your own business. The name of a large company on a resume is like a good advertisement.

Most often in large companies, people-processors take root, and in small companies – results. There are exceptions, but they are few. A person who previously worked as a freelancer or in a smaller company is most likely used to completing a task by the deadline, making a couple of edits, and immediately setting goals for a new project. In a large company, he can climb the wall for how long he has been working on a project and does not see the result.

There are two ways to work on revisions. You either fight and defend your point of view, or you just do as they say. Do not focus on the result, but perform the process, the routine, like a regular corporate cog. In corporations with extensive staff, employees most often choose the second path to save time and nerves for approvals and disputes. Perhaps your resume will be considered out of turn. Also, you will feel involved in big projects for the biggest game companies, famous brands, and people. While working for a small company may not always improve your reputation, projects will not be particularly high-profile and significant to the world. Working in a corporation, you are always confident in the future of the company, so a good vacation, big purchases, and high-quality service will permanently enter your life.

To sum up

If you like to be in a team, want to undergo training at the expense of the employer, and are ready to perform a lot of routine long-term work – you will like working in a large company.

If you don’t see any sense in corporate values ​​and don’t want to do more at work than you need to create layouts, sites, and interfaces, then most likely you will not like it in a large company.

Try it and decide for yourself. In any case, you will gain experience and a tick for a resume, which is already a plus. Desire to find a job as a game developer? Do not forget to check out popular job search websites like Jooble, and you without any doubts will find your dream job offer.

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