The Best Mobile Football Games to Get You Pumped for Super Bowl 2021

The 55th Super Bowl game will kick off Sunday, February 7th at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida

While the holiday season may mean dinner parties and tree decorating for some, for others it can only signify that one thing is right around the corner: the annual Super Bowl Championship game.

After the Christmas ornaments are stored away and the New Year’s Eve balloons are popped, football fans still have a huge event to look forward to. Since top NFL picks are still predicting which teams may face off and the game isn’t set to take place until early February, eager followers need something to keep the momentum going in the meanwhile. Let’s take a look at some exciting mobile football games that will make fans even more enthusiastic about the big day.

Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football

The iconic video game franchise brings fans the opportunity to play the most well-known NFL game on a mobile device. Users can enjoy playing with different modes and features, recruiting the best players to form a knockout team. There’s also something brand new: “The Yard: Underground” playing mode which allows your athletes to compete in an exciting backyard setting.

NFL Player Assoc Manager 2020

What better way to get pumped for the Super Bowl than acting as the coach of your own team? This app is perfect for those NFL fans who have always dreamed of playing manager. NFL Player Assoc Manager 2020 enables users to lead football organizations, making plays and creating strategies for their players. You’ll feel like you really had a hand in your team’s victories and maybe you can even lead them to the big game yourself.

NFL Blitz Football Trading Card Games

The NFL Blitz Football Trading Card games gives users entire libraries of digital trading cards featuring star NFL players that they can trade and collect or use in fantasy games to earn points. The cards are realistically designed, featuring a range of colors and signatures. Gather as many as you can and watch your points increase when you complete a set.

Football Dash

Classic and simple, Football Dash is an arcade style football game that is perfect for all gamers. The game’s features are quite basic, but that makes it the ideal entertainment option for fans who just want to get in a short gaming session on the transport home from work or while having lunch. An added bonus is that it’s free to play and is available for download on most Android devices.

Whether you’re a football gaming fanatic or prefer other mobile forms of entertainment, waiting for the NFL’s biggest game is made easy with so many diverse mobile options.

Mobile gaming nowadays gives users the opportunity to take their favorite sports and activities with them wherever they go

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