The Best Services for Data Extraction and Parsing

There are a number of software solutions which allow extracting, exporting and analyzing various data. Their main focus is web scraping, and clients of such services collect data from web pages and convert it into the required format.

What Is Data Parsing

Web parsing is the extraction of data from a website, like Woo Casino or Netflix, in a format understandable to the average person. Typically, this data is stored in a table or file.


Such data can be:

  • Pictures.
  • Directory.
  • Text content.
  • Contact information: emails, phone numbers, and so on.


All this data is useful for finding potential customers, gathering information from competitor companies, identifying market trends, marketing analysis, and much more.


This data collection process is not prohibited, but some unscrupulous companies illegally use the parsing capabilities. For example, in October 2020, Facebook sued two organizations that distributed a malicious Chrome extension. It allowed unauthorized web scraping from social networks: the collected data contained public and non-public content. Subsequently, all the information obtained was sold to marketing companies, which is a violation of the law.

The Best Data Parsing Tools

Most data parsing services are paid solutions for complex tasks, but there are also conditionally free programs that are suitable for simple projects. Let’s look at both options.


ScraperAPI allows you to get HTML content from any page through the API. With it you can work with browsers and proxies, bypassing the CAPTCHA verification code.


It’s easy to integrate – you just need to send a GET request to the API with the API key and URL. Moreover, ScraperAPI is almost impossible to block, because it changes IP addresses with every request, automatically retries unsuccessful requests and solves captchas.


Scrapestack is a REST API for parsing web pages in real time. With it you can instantly collect data from pages using millions of proxies and bypassing captchas.


ScrapingBee uses a web page parsing API that handles headless browsers and manages proxy servers, bypassing all types of blocking. The service also has a special API for parsing Google requests.


ScrapingBot is a powerful API for cleaning up HTML content. The company offers an API for collecting retail and real estate data, including product description, price, currency, reviews, purchase or rental price, square footage, location. Available pricing plans, JS rendering, web page parsing using AngularJS, Ajax, JS, React JS, and geotargeting capabilities make this product an indispensable data collection tool.

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