The best speedometers for Android and iOS.

When running, cycling and driving, be sure to monitor your speed. Download the speedometer app to your smartphone and you will always know how fast or slow you are moving.

It’s not just idle curiosity that makes us look at the speedometer. When it comes to sports, travel speed can say a lot about our fitness. Also, information about the speed allows you to estimate whether you will be able to get to the desired place on time.

The easiest thing for motorists is that they already have a speedometer on their dashboard. Its readings help to maintain a safe driving style. But it displays only the current speed, and in order to get more data (for example, find out the average speed for a trip, the speed on different parts of the route), you can install a mobile speedometer on your phone.

The speedometer app is a handy tool for cyclists (speedometers for bicycles), equestrian sports enthusiasts, skiers, and more.

We’ve collected the best speed measurement apps for Android and iOS for you.

Mobile speedometers use GPS data from your smartphone and internet connection. Before launching them, you must activate mobile data transmission and the geolocation function. This will drain the battery faster.

Google Maps.

If your smartphone runs on Android, you don’t have to download Google Maps – you already have this app. It is the most popular mobile navigator with over two billion users, including those with Apple smartphones.

To start the function of calculating the speed, you need to set a route: select a start point and a destination. The application will draw the path on the map and as you move, it will display the speed. If there are restrictions on the way, you will receive a corresponding notification.

It should be admitted that, as a speedometer, the Google Maps application does not have rich functionality. There is no analog speedometer, HUD mode and other features found in other applications. But if you just want to find out your speed using your smartphone without unnecessary troubles, nothing is easier to find.

GPS Speedometer.

Despite its laconic name, this utility contains many useful tools, including an altimeter and sound level meter. The sound level meter measures the ambient noise level in decibels using your smartphone’s microphone, and the altimeter determines the altitude based on GPS data.

The app has two speedometers – analog and digital, as well as a map showing the location of your car. GPS Speedometer is suitable for travel by car and train: the maximum speed that the app can calculate is 800 km / h. It is also useful in those cases when you are interested in knowing the distance to the car in front, the average speed for the trip and the distance traveled.

In HUD mode, information from the application is projected onto the car windshield. The function is convenient because you do not have to be distracted by the phone display every minute. But it is more suitable for the dark time of the day, since it is almost impossible to make out information on the glass during the day.

The premium version does not contain ads and offers additional functions – monitoring of speed limits and route selection.

Smart GPS Speedometer.

It is one of the most versatile speedometers for a mobile phone. It can be used to measure many parameters: current speed, maximum for the entire trip, average, distance traveled, time in motion and total travel time.

There are two modes – bicycle and auto. In the first, the speed is determined up to 100 km / s, in the second – up to 300 km / h.

Additionally, the application will show you the prices for fuel at the nearest gas stations, the location of car dealerships, taxi ranks, parking lots, repair shops, car washes and other useful information. But to see all this, you will have to purchase the full version.

Google’s Waze is another popular navigation tool. It is used both to find the optimal route and as a mobile speedometer.

The main difference between Waze and Google Maps is that it is not necessary to plot a route from point A to point B – your speed is always displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.

If you do not see the speedometer when you start the application, you need to turn it on manually. Click the Search button in the lower left corner, then the Settings icon in the upper left. In the Driving Settings section, select Speedometer & # 8212; “To show on the map”. You can also set a speed limit there, if necessary.


The simple but very useful Speedometer∞ app will give you information about your current, average and maximum speed while driving. If it is necessary to observe the limit, set the corresponding value in the settings. Every time your speed exceeds the set limit, the application will send a notification.

Tap anywhere on the screen, and HUD navigation will start – the content of the application will be displayed on the windshield of the car. In this mode, gesture control works. To change the color of the speedometer, swipe left or right in. Move up or down to adjust the brightness of the screen.

Speedometer PRO.

More than five million downloads on Google Play and a score of 4.1 are indicators of well-deserved popularity. The application displays data regarding speed and distance traveled.

Before setting off, click the “Start Ride” button. The counting of time, distance and speed will begin. Data on all measurements is available in the “History” tab.

There are two advanced functions in Speedometer PRO – HUD navigation and a widget that displays speed information on top of other windows and does not interfere with using other applications.


If you don’t have Google Maps on your smartphone, and you don’t want to waste memory on an additional program, try Zpeed. Unlike the options above, this is a website, not an app.

It has a simple interface and good functionality: you can choose a convenient unit of speed measurement – meter per second, mile per hour or kilometer per hour.

The site is accessible in any browser. Be sure to give him permission to use geodata, otherwise he will not see you moving or standing still.

We have shown you the best speedometers for Android and iOS. We do not recommend replacing a car speedometer with them: after all, these are not specialized devices, but mobile applications, and their accuracy is highly dependent on the stability and quality of GPS.

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