The Best Spotify Playlist Tactics For Success

Spotify playlists placement promotion is a game that can be won. Get on the ladder and aim for the top and be the champion. Cue the famous Queen song!

User-generated playlists.

Grandma can make one, you can make one, anyone can make one. They are the bottom division of playlists. Just log in and create a user account then start adding tracks. If you have a small following, you are likely to find yourself on one of these playlists.

You will hardly even notice it, in terms of revenue anyway. The other downside is they are very compartmentalised because the odds are, your fans don’t have much of a following either. You can languish in this league for years as this type of playlist will not spread the message very far, but its a start. The tactic in this division should be to learn from the competition.

What are others doing to earn success? What is the standard of their music? Find the fans of similar bands and tap them up. Research and develop your act, practice, and eventually, you’ll claw your way out of this division. Spotify promotion is accumulative.

Algorithmic playlists

Algorithmic playlists are in the first division. They are also known as AI playlists and are created by Spotify. Once Spotify identifies what you are listening to, it will pop similar songs into the queue for you to discover it is ana action called Spotify playlist placement.

Out of the millions of songs in the world, you would need to be quite lucky to be playlisted. However, to have success in this division, the tactic should be to win fans. By now your music should be good, and people should be talking about you as someone to look out for in the future. Outside of Spotify do everything you possibly can to bring people to the platform.

Use gigs and social media campaigns to direct all potential fans to add your tracks to their playlists. As an artist, the more followers you have, the more free exposure you will get because Spotify will automatically push your records to their playlists.

Editorial playlists

These playlists are the premier league. They are created by professionals inside Spotify. You mostly have to apply for these playlists, and the competition is fierce, but if you are lucky enough to be on one of these playlists, it can thrust you forward in your career as it will expose you to a massive audience and generate you thousands of plays. However, this is merely competing in the league. To win the championship, you need even more traction.

The playlist algorithms work to identify the number of plays you get and where. Once your track is popular enough, it will set off all the bells and whistles in the Spotify control room. There is a big red button that they will push to open the flood gates and expose you to the world. The idea is to take all the techniques, and traction you have learned from all the division and combine them into one perfect package. Take your best track and your new audience and encourage Spotify to press that red button.

If you want to play the game and win the league, you will need to work hard. It’s not possible for a bottom division team to win the premier league they need to be promoted a number of times. Have faith because if you are good enough, the cream will always rise to the top.

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