The Best Websites For Lunch-Break Gamers

If you’ve been working from home for a while now then the days of feeling like you’d hit the jackpot may be over. When your foray into working from home started, it felt fresh and new. Being able to work in your pajamas felt like a gift from the heavens and kicking back in your garden during your summer lunch breaks was unmatched by any lunch-break you’d spent in the office. However, a few months down the line things can start to stagnate. If you’ve discovered the joys of a lunch-break spent gaming, then you’re one step ahead of the rest already. Here’s how to truly perfect your lunch-break gaming routine with the help of some brilliant websites.

The Ultimate Mini-Game Library

If you’re the kind of person who likes to dip in and out of games before really settling into one that you like, then try playing a few games at Miniclip. This website has been going for donkey’s years, but still remains one of the biggest sources of free-to-play minigames on the internet. Whether you want to shoot hoops on the basketball court, raise fish in a crazy aquarium, or scratch your head over some colorful math puzzles, Miniclip is almost guaranteed to have something to keep you occupied. If you’re away from your desk then you can even make use of their apps for iOs and Android. Why not combine lunch in the garden with a few minutes of mindless fun. Another great way to entertain yourself and your colleagues is to join in with one of their multiplayer games. Miniclip has a whole section of the site dedicated to multiplayer games, so if you get your timings right you could have a virtual office meet-up whilst playing pool, or fighting it out in tanks.

Slot Machine Sites

There are literally thousands of online casino sites that you could choose to play on, but if you’re looking for a quick game then online slots are your best bet. Not only are slot games incredibly simple to learn how to play, but they are also the perfect game to pick up and put down as necessary, depending on when you’re called back to work. The best slots casinos in 2021 offer both style and substance to their slot games. It used to be that flashy graphics were all you needed to draw in the crowds, but as players have wised up, casinos have had to pay attention. Look for a slot game with a good return to player ratio, as well as some interesting bonus features. Of course, it goes without saying that you should enjoy the graphics too, and extra points go to the online slot developers who give catchy theme tunes the attention they deserve. Whether you want an online slot game that offers smaller but more regular payouts, or you want to chase the big bonus, is entirely up to you; there’s a game to cater for everyone. Don’t forget that whilst on your hunt for your favorite slot website to look out for a sign-up bonus. These are usually offered to new players and can match your deposit, meaning that your play money should last for twice as long.

For When You Want a Break From Gaming

Even the most devoted of lunch-break gamers sometimes need to give their brains and fingers a rest. If you want to leave the actual gaming for another day, but still want a slice of game-culture then log on to PC Gamer. This website doesn’t host any actual games, but it includes professionally written reviews of new releases for PC, as well as news from the world of gaming.

Their Indie Gaming section of the website is always bursting with reviews for games from the smaller studios, and really does a great job of shining a light on some under-publicized works. For those who just want to sit back and have all the latest news fed right into their earholes, PC Gamer also features a podcasts section, where they collate thousands of podcasts that will appeal to gamers. Whether you want information on the best microphone for live-streaming, or want to hear from the creators of your favorite PC game, there’ll be a podcast on here that will see you right through your lunch-break.

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