The Complete Adobe Spark Review: This is What You Should Know

Today, there are over 4.4 billion active internet users around the world. As you can imagine, this means a huge audience for whatever it is you want to show to the internet. For some, that’s a business, and for others, it’s a hobby.

Either way, you want to hone your skills in creating content so you can attract all the right people! One such way you can do so is through Adobe Spark, an online program.

Read on to find a short Adobe Spark review.

What Is Adobe Spark?

Adobe Spark is a suite of apps for media creation;you can use it on both your PC and phone. This makes it very easy for you to create content while on the go.

You’ve probably heard of Adobe, as they’re well-known for other programs like Acrobat Reader and Photoshop. Adobe Spark takes Adobe Post, Adobe Slate, and Adobe Voice, and combines them together. They’re now named Adobe Spark Post, Adobe Spark Page, and Adobe Spark Video.


Lots of Adobe Spark’s features are free. For instance, you can create an account and get access to many templates that you don’t need to pay a cent for. Also, you can resize your images for free, which is definitely a great perk.

Their graphics are very nice, and there are plenty of customizable functions to make their templates something truly your own. For example, there’s the style wheel, which allows you to choose from a myriad of font colors, shapes, and styles.

Because Adobe Spark is made specifically for sharing content on social media, you’ll be able to easily resize your images so you can get the right dimensions for the platforms you want to post on.

Lastly, if you want to get a paid account, it’s very affordable, even if you opt for an individual plan. The team plan is about 2 times the price you pay for an individual one, so it may be more worth it to get a team plan instead if you plan on having others use your Adobe Spark account.


Yes, Adobe Spark offers templates for free. But more often than not, the better-looking ones are behind paywalls.

Also, there are some kinks they need to iron out. You may encounter some glitches while you’re trying to put together some content.

And while there are quite some options for editing your graphics, you may find Adobe Spark a bit lacking when it comes to editing videos and web pages.

Our Adobe Spark Review: A Solid A

In our Adobe Spark review, you can clearly see that this program is a wonderful one to use when it comes to a variety of purposes.

Sure, there are some cons to using this suite of apps, but nothing’s ever truly perfect. These cons are insignificant enough that Adobe Spark is still amazing to use for your media creation purposes.

So whether you want to create graphics, video stories, or even web pages, this is definitely the tool you need in your arsenal.

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