Road collisions automatically cause tension, even utter panic, due to simple fights or bodily injuries. You borrowed a car and had an accident or a crash. Are you nervous? Oh, don’t worry. It could happen to anyone. The main thing, if anything goes wrong, is what to do. For a car, any rental arrangement requires liability insurance. But what are the steps that should be taken when an accident happens? It’s essential to keep your composure. To remind them of the loss and the damage caused, contact the car insurer after that.


Here’s what to do with your rent a car in Dubai in case of an accident.

Keep calm and stay on Stage

You can be upset, depressed, anxious, or surprised after an accident. To remain calm, first of all, if you want to deal better with the situation. Breathe out; breath in. Be as courteous as you want others to be if the accident involves another driver!

Please don’t leave the venue because it can trigger severe criminal penalties, whether you caused an accident or not. The penalty varies from state to state for exiting the injured person on the spot.

Safeguard the Premises

In a traffic accident, the first thing to do is to take safety measures:

  • To be apparent to other vehicles, turn your hazard lights on.
  • Switch the vehicle’s motor off.
  • Put on protective fluorescent vests and exit the car.
  • At least 30 meters away, mount the alarm triangle.

If the accident is due to a traffic violation, inform the police. who will draw up a report using the emergency call points along the motorway?

Verify the Injury

Identifying every damage is the most important thing to do following a car accident. If you, your passengers, or any other driver is injured, check it out. If any of you are unconscious or having neck pain, call an ambulance immediately.

Keep all the medical certificates if you go to the emergency department yourself or see the family doctor. Also, make a copy of all doctor fees and bills for pharmacies and record all costs incurred.

Call the Cops

Call the police as soon as possible, no matter which state you are in. Even if it looks like a fender-bender or a severe accident involving death, disability, or property damage, it is essential to fill out a report for insurance. A copy of the hearing report should be requested from the police, listing all the parties involved and their insurance records. Ask the police officer for the report’s number if it is not possible to receive a copy of the information.

Exchange your contact information and notice what has Happened

Take the next move to share your contact information with everyone involved in the incident until you’re sure everybody is safe.

Leave a warning under the wiper if you hit a parked vehicle. When other individuals or cars are involved, ensure that everybody shares car registration numbers, make-up, and styles. Share contact information, such as names, emails, and phone numbers, as well. Therefore, take note of the following:

  • The color, make, and model of all involved vehicles.
  • The accident date and time
  • Description of weather, road conditions, and any lighting of the public
  • Any car and property damage
  • Any damage to cars, passengers, and pedestrians.

Be sure that all the details needed to claim insurance has been obtained.

Take Images

Images are optional, but they can later prove useful. They will allow specific details listed in the accident report to be specified: low visibility, road works, or temporary signs. Objective identification points, such as a visible street name, house number, pay careful attention to. Consider the trajectory of the involved cars, too. With road signs and road markers, photograph the affected vehicles.

Reporting the accident to the Insurance Provider

Any driver involved in an accident must send a statement to his insurance provider within five days of the accident. Such a declaration can be made either by recorded letter of acknowledgment of receipt or directly to the insurance provider’s office.

What to do if you have a Car Rental Accident?

As with a personal car, it is essential to fill out a report when you have an accident with a rental vehicle. Whether or not you are accountable, you will be questioned by the lessor.

To the rental company, notify the Accident.

Every rental company leaves its clients with an emergency telephone number open. It is done so that their clients can contact them at their earliest possible in the case of an accident. Officials from the department will help you decide whether you can get back on the road (for example, whether it’s only crumpled metal) or require assistance. Do not abandon the car on the spot in the second scenario.

When a rental car accident happens, who pays for what?

Having a rental car crash means thinking, very soon, how much it’s going to cost us. The response to this question depends on his liability for the accident, and the agreement is concluded.

When you are not Liable!

That’s easy if you weren’t responsible for the crash. You do not have anything to pay: the liable driver’s insurance will bear the cost of maintenance and any reimbursement.

If you are Liable!

Your expenses would depend on the lessor’s contract if you are liable for the accident:

For a simple contract, only harm caused to others would be compensated. Yours will be at your expense and those of the rental car.

Any injury, physical or related to the vehicles involved would be protected by the additional insurance contract (within the agreement). You will only have to pay the surplus sum, which varies depending on the deal chosen.

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