The Easiest Tips to Improve Your Site

When you start a business online, the first thing to create is a website. To attract new customers, you can use ads. Yet, even the best commercials will never attract users if the site doesn’t look great visually. These tips will help you improve your platform and make it look almost like this casino site.


The right illustrations make a website alive. Their main task is to evoke emotions and connect them with the brand. Author illustrations help to make the site recognizable. They can be used in headlines, icons and animations.

Illustrations can help make even the most minimalistic design friendly. When filling the site with illustrations, it is essential to keep uniformity in mind and not overdo it. The most beautiful pictures will cause rejection if there are too many of them.


Most people find it easier to remember a picture than a read or heard text. So, the choice of photos for the site should be approached very carefully. According to studies, one picture can replace 84 words.

The right picture for the site should be informative, qualitative, original and emotional.

Designers like to place large background photos on sites. They are beautiful but quickly forgotten. The exception is photos that evoke emotions. For example, photos from unusual angles.

The perfect option would be to give up stock photos. Avoid using free photo stocks. If a user sees the photo on another site, it can undermine the credibility of your content and brand as a whole.


Firstly, the animation was created using GIF, then with Flash. Both solutions greatly slowed down the site’s speed. Now for the creation of animation, CSS-coding and JavaScript are used. They do not so noticeably affect the performance.

Animation can be full-screen or integrated into navigation. Its main task is to help the user to understand the complexities and attract his attention to important details.


The moving image on the page instantly captures the users’ attention. The main advantages of video are dynamics, plot development, and greater emotional response.

Video on the site can be used for the following purposes:

  • Show what is difficult to tell about (tutorials).
  • Tell a story.
  • Demonstrate a product.

Background videos are best discarded. They reduce the performance of the site and at the same time do not convey any information to the user. If you want to surprise users all the same, then look at alternatives to videos, such as animation, parallax, and cinematography.

If you’re posting videos that play automatically, it’s a good idea to turn off auto-playback. Let the user decide whether he wants the sound on, and make it easy to do so. A sudden loud sound will frighten not only the user but also everyone around himthe user but also everyone around him.

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