The Influence of Video Games on Today’s Lives

For the longest time, video games have, more often than not, been perceived as a negative influence on our children. But with the passage of time and after extensive research has been carried out to understand the true effect of video games, we have become much better equipped to understand the true influence of video games on people’s lives.

It really has become a topic worth addressing because more and more children as well as adults are being drawn into the world of video games. With mobile phones becoming the new medium, it’s something that is accessible anywhere, at all times.

The Physical Effect

The majority of people enjoy playing video games the most either in front of their computer screens or even by projecting it onto their television screens for the maximum effect in the graphics and sound. The only issue here in terms of how it can take a toll physically is that most people can spend hours at a time sitting on a chair that just isn’t good enough, or even worse, sitting on the floor or couch in an awkward position. The good news is that this is easily taken care of, if you invest in a gaming desk and a proper chair. A gaming desk is important because they are designed specifically to keep the screen at eye level, and this is crucial to keep your back straight to avoid getting neck and back problems.

What you need to do is ensure that not too many hours are spent in front of the screen. This can affect your eyes as well as the posture. There are screen protectors that keep the glare from damaging your eyes, but nonetheless, it’s important to have control over screen time as this will take a toll on your or your child’s body.

How Attention Is Affected

Surprisingly, a number of research focusing specifically on how attention is affected by video games shows that it actually has a positive effect on building attention. Selective and sustained attention in particular are affected in a positive way. Sustained attention is the ability to keep focus on things for a prolonged period of time, and this is something that has been found to be an issue with a large number of kids. Selective attention is the ability to focus on a particular item or idea, and this too is greatly affected in a positive way when people play video games.

Another  function that gaming has contributed to is increasing the visuospatial skills, which are responsible for the visual and spatial capacities that we have. This translates as extremely effective in everyday life as people become more able to measure distances in their minds. People who play video games often have to do this, especially when playing strategy games.

It’s Influence On Memory

By playing video games, many people boost the strength of their memory as they actively stimulating the parts of their brains that specialize in both long term and short term memory. There are many games that promote this activity. This is something that can be particularly beneficial to older people as there are many that are at the risk of developing dementia, so by playing video games, they lessen the risk because they are constantly exercising that part of the brain.

Counter Depression

There are a number of games that promote a good time and fun, helping many people, young and old alike, to counter depression. There are even options of virtual reality games that allow people to travel all over the world without leaving the comfort of their home. This is something that is universally effective, but especially so for those who suffer from disabilities or old age. The idea that they have the visual stimulation done in such a way that they feel that they are actually present in a country or location is something that does wonders for many people’s mental well-being.

The Kinds Of Games Played Make A Difference

With the passage of time and as people began to understand the effects of video games more and more, they discovered how it could be utilized to help children and adults gain more skills. There are a variety of games available on the market that are age appropriate and promote education and working on motor skills as well as a number of strategic and mental challenges. Aside from this, there are also a couple of consoles that promote physical activity where the games and the controls are designed in a way where you simulate sports and movement, which is great for sharpening focus, and not to mention, are a lot of fun too!

Moderation Is Key

It’s important to note that anything done in moderation is a world away from an activity that goes overboard. And playing video games is no exception. For the effect to not cross the line and become damaging, there needs to be care taken in the amount of time spent playing. This not only takes a toll on the body on a physical level as mentioned before, but there is also the very real risk of developing an addiction. Becoming too immersed in the world of video games can detach people from the rest of the world around them and create the unhealthy habits of addictions, which could alter their perceptions and their moods. This is why moderation is imperative, especially with children.

In the age of technology and video games, the truth is, the influence could go in either direction in terms of it being a good or bad one. The point here is to be well educated and well informed about the options available and how you can control the factors that sway the influence towards bettering mental and physical skills. By implementing a schedule and focusing on the importance of moderation, you can’t really go wrong. Do extensive research on the different kinds of gaming consoles and games available because you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the number of educational and positively effective options that are available in the market currently.

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