The Main Tips in PEPPOL Consulting

You have probably browsed around about the PEPPOL – Pan European Public Procurement Online because your business needs to be compliant with the regional regulations.

Depending on where you are running your business, connecting to the PEPPOL network will be your obligation. Choosing the right peppol cloud services is paramount by then.

Many providers claim to be the best in the field. Finding the best one can be a bit tricky because there are many hidden areas that you need to explore.

You won’t be entirely sure unless you have conducted the peppol consulting with their representatives or in-house team. You need to jot down the peppol cloud services you can find online and reach their representatives.

Ask some questions in the consultancy session to give you deeper information about the services they offer to you. According to their answers, you will want to assess them. Therefore, after comparing one provider to another, you can then draw the line and pick your best choice.

It seems simple and straightforward yet complex when you don’t know where to start. There are some essential questions that you need to ask your peppol service provider. Before joining with any peppol edelivery network, consider finding out the answers for the aspects below.

Can you order the full service from them?

Each provider has its unique kind of services, although the peppol certificate might be similar. Some providers also provide the complete service so that it could give a hands-off experience for the clients.

But some providers also possibly provide only peppol edelivery network service.

The fully managed peppol cloud services are perhaps the option you want to choose because you will have the professionals ready to help you. It is a helpful perk moreover when you get into a problem of peppol onboarding partners.

The integration

In the peppol consulting session, it is also an important question to ask. You want to make sure if the integration is provided or not.

Not all providers can help you in integrating the difi peppol messages to your existing ERP software.

It is crucial to consider and can be a huge game-changer when you pick the provider for your organization or business.

The integration capability allows you to supervise, monitor, and manage all of the data through one platform. That means you don’t need to open multiple separate tools to get all of the information. Why bother wasting your time doing that if you can do them in one go from one platform?

With the integration offered by GalaxyGW, the two systems can also communicate with each other without any problem in real-time.

However, integration is not a rushing thing. If you don’t want to integrate it for any reason, you could still save it for later in the future.

The future-proof solution

The next question to ask in your peppol consulting session is about the relevancy of the services for the following years in the future.

You won’t get stuck in such a small project size forever. Your project will eventually grow up, and you might wonder if it is scalable. Will the peppol services offered by your provider can help you to grow your business? Will it be relevant in the future? Is the solution scalable?

The last thing you want is to spend another thousand dollars on replacing the existing service with the new one from the other provider.

The reviews, track records, and reputation of the provider.

It would be best to focus on the provider who has stellar track records and reviews from their clients like GalaxyGW. Implementing the successful peppol format is not an easy job. Ones will need to have the right set of skills, resources, and capabilities to do it.

Many companies have the good claims and gimmicks to win the competition. Of course, you will want to know if they are as outstanding as they claim to be.

To prove their words, look at how the clients from the past projects respond to their services. If you have a way to attain such information from the disclosed clients, it will be great.

Do the companies or businesses in the same niche as yours can vouch for their particular peppol services? Do experts recommend them for your business on a specific scale? It will be great if you can verify the testimonials and reviews from their clients.

You can find someone you know who used their service.

The pricing

Pricing details are the things to check before picking any service. Ensure all of the information is provided with good transparency.

That includes the service details, how they charge you, components included in their services, their available support, and many more.

Ask if there is an additional fee that you need to pay for other services.

You can also make sure that the fees are written in the contract as well.

How good is their customer support?

Does their customer support meet your expectations and requirements?

You will get the answer when you can reach and talk to them. If you’re lucky, you could visit the headquarter or branch offices to meet their specific representatives.

Or, you could reach them by online means of communication.

From your initial encounter with your peppol cloud services provider, you will know if they are the right partner for you or not by looking at how they treat you and your company.

Are they offering other services?

You might be looking for other services that you can’t find in the provider’s previous candidate. Therefore, you will want to ask the same question to the particular candidate.

What other services that the provider can offer? Are the other services able to meet your requirements?

Can you specifically request services that are relevant to your business niche?

Will they provide the best customization to tailor the solution particularly for you?

Reach out to your GalaxyGW provider now and ask the questions above in your peppol consulting session.

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