The Mobile Fundraising App Everyone Should Be Using

The Mobile Fundraising App Everyone Should Be Using

Whether it’s charities, non-profits, companies, or individuals, you need to have the right mobile fundraising app to make the activity a success. The good news is that you don’t have to be tech-savvy to take advantage of the mobile technology available today. All you need is to have a mobile phone and the courage to give up some previous paper-based tools. This post will show you what you need to consider before choosing a mobile fundraising app to use.

A mobile fundraising app

It’s easy to choose and use the first mobile fundraising app you come across. However, when looking for the best mobile app, you should always consider what you need to accomplish within your organization. This is because there are many varieties with different functions out there, making it important to know what you want to achieve while using it.

Therefore, factors such as the size of the organization should be a top priority. It might be that you’re a large organization only shopping for a mobile fundraising app to give an alternative way for your current donors. It can also be that you’re a small organization trying to reach for new donors. As you can see, you can only pick the right mobile app with the right features and functions if you assess the needs of your organization.

Type of donors

While taking a step back to assess the needs of your organization, you should also check your donors carefully. Take a look at how much donors have contributed funds to your organization in the past and determine if they showed interest in using an alternative method of contributing, such as through mobile technology.

Conducting a survey is an easy way to find out if the donors may be interested in using a mobile fundraising app. Alternatively, you can check the demographics of your donors. If you have many younger donors, perhaps a mobile app would be appealing to such people. Whatever the case, most types of mobile apps would be enticing to many categories of people.

Different donating methods

The best thing for using a mobile fundraising app, such as Chuume is that it offers you tons of ways to use them. You can also customize them to make your approach flexible for everyone. If it makes sense for your fundraising activity, you can offer more than one way of how people can donate funds to your organization. After all, this is one of the best options for optimizing your campaign because you satisfy the needs of a diverse group of donors.

Above all, the best mobile app should have all these options. With such options in place, the mobile app should also be easy to customize. Keep in mind that some companies offering these mobile apps might charge you a specific fee based on the size of your organization. Also, companies might give special deals like discounts to some types of organizations, such as churches. All in all, you should look into every aspect of the mobile app you want to use to determine its effect on your fundraising activity.

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