The Most Anticipated Large-scale Amusement Equipment in 2021

What is Top Spin Ride?

This ride is called a space travel ride, and it is one of the most popular amusement rides. It undergoes circular motion and spins about a horizontal axis.

The top spin ride is immensely appealing to peoples as it is one of those rides that peoples have enjoyed in their childhood.


It consists of the following components.

  • Two supportive arms
  • A steel having two mechanical arms
  • A gondola or cabin having two sets of attached seats.


Mechanical sweep arms have three-phase AC motors that help the ride show movement. Both edges of sweep arms have a counterweight to stabilize the mass of gondola and riders. Ball bearings help the cabin move autonomously regardless of sweep arms.

Arms have a pneumatic caliper that is similar to the braking system of vehicles. Moreover, top spin ride’s arms can handle to load or unload the passengers.

This ride is the perfect choice for people who want to experience adventure and thrill. Sweep arms carry the gondola to a certain height, and then the cabin is released. Riders sitting in the gondola feel as if they are falling freely and will hit the ground.

This situation presents dazzling and nauseating conditions that help the riders get rid of their fears.

Why do people like Top Spin Ride?

When the top spin ride begins to move, it moves the passengers back and forth with the great but safe speed. When the arms hoist the cabin to a certain height and release it, the cabin people feel the sense to journey in the space freely.

Moreover, the attractive colors, flashlight system, music system, and exciting motion of this ride appeal to the people. People of all ages, especially youngsters, create an affinity with this ride after experiencing it. That is why people love deeply to amuse Top Spin Ride.

Introduction to Jinbo Top Spin Ride:

At Jinbo Entertainment, we developed this ride to create some thrilling and exciting amusement rides for the people. We introduced another modern variant of topspin ride named as King Kong Return Ride.

King Kong Return Ride does have the shape of a real king kong. The car or gondola is attached to its hands’ palms. When the people sit on the cabin’sseats, this giant king kong turns back and forth. The king kong’s legs are firmly attached to the rotator to ensure maximum safety of the ride.

Details of Top Spin Ride:

Floor area: 25m*22m

Height:  25m

Capacity: 45 persons

Power Consumption:  220KW

Where to buy it?

At Zhongshan Jinbo Amusement Equipment Co. Ltd, we manufacture all kinds of amusement rides including Top Spin Ride. Our professional and experienced engineers work to enhance the richness and quality of the product.

Moreover, we ensure manufacturing according to the interests of the people and safety issues. We also try the maximum carrying capacity of the rides and strength to enhance the quality of security.

We are providing our services all around the world with the great trust and interest of our clients. The following are some of our amusement rides.

  • Self-control plane
  • Mini jets
  • Pirate ships
  • Family rides
  • Ferris wheel
  • Roller coaster
  • Top Spin Ride
  • King Kong Return Ride

The top Spin ride is one of the most popular amusement rides in the world. People like to enjoy this ride because they have a sensation to be traveling in space. At Jinbo Entertainment, we manufacture all kinds of popular rides, like the top spin ride. We ensure maximum quality and strength of the rides.

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