Tips for Diamond Painting

We all have had a superfluous time since when the Covid 19 has landed on earth. To utilize that time, many people began to do stuff that pleased and calmed them. We all discovered new ways, hobbies, and entertainment. Some tried cooking while others painted; everyone had the passion that they went after. People are inclined toward different activities to spend COVID time.

If you opted for diamond painting and loved the way it came about. And now you’re attempting to learn how to paint like a pro and you are searching for tips and tricks to attain precision, then you are at the right place. Here you will discover all the tips to create a glamorous masterpiece like a professional artist.

As every craft requires attention to have perfect results, diamond painting also requires accuracy and concentration to make it look excellent. However, with concentration and accuracy, it also requires other tips so that everything goes up to the mark. Let’s make you aware of them.

Use a smooth surface

The number one factor to take into notice is the surface. Diamond painting is a craft that requires precision, concentration, and contemplation. Therefore, it is significant to consider which surface you are choosing to start your painting on.  Any random surface that you think is comfortable and fine should not be opted for.

Make sure that you:

  • Find a flat and steady surface such as a desktop or any smooth shelf.
  • Have good lighting over your workplace.
  • Have a cozy seat to sit on so that you don’t feel uneasy while painting.

2.   Flatten your canvas

Sometimes, it happens that a diamond painting kit comes with a rolled canvas. For that, you should flatten the canvas first. You can use heavy books, paperweights, or your mattress to unwrap your canvas. Do not iron your canvas. Ironing the canvas is the worst idea. Your canvas may stick to the iron or burn.

3.   Avoid diamond disruption

When you open the diamond packets that you find in the diamond painting kit, they disrupt and fall all over the place. To avoid such a situation, the following measures are noted down that you can interpret.

  • Open the diamond packets carefully in the box.
  • Use household items like salt and pepper shakers, egg cartons, jewelry boxes, or Q-tip holders instead of grooved trays that come in the kit to compartmentalize the diamonds.
  • Title your compartments for easy organization.

4.   Resist static cling

Are your diamonds clinging together? If so, then you can use any static guard spray on your diamonds. Other than that, you can utilize a run-of-the-mill dryer to avoid clinging.

5.   Select an easy painting

When you buy your diamond painting, make sure to select an easy painting. Large canvases with hard images or symbols may confuse you and you won’t be able to create a masterpiece. You can have the simplest and prettiest diamond kits from  Paint With Diamond Art that sells best kits

6.   Fix the adhesive layer

When you peel down the top layer of canvas and it is missing the adhesive layer, don’t worry about it. This usually happens when the glue gets stuck with the top layer. You can cover it again and press it with a roller. And then peel off from the other side of the adhesive layer.

7.   Light up the canvas

You should use any light source to see the dark and light colors of diamonds. That light source can be your iPad or portable lamp on which you can put your canvas. This lets you have a clear vision of diamond colors that make it easy for you to apply specific colors on diamonds.

8.   Seal your canvas

When your diamond painting is complete, you should seal it for its better longevity. You can take mod podge and apply the coating to fix the diamonds in the place and keep your painting in pristine condition for years.

9.   Don’t throw the unused drills

When you are done with your painting, don’t throw away the drills because they can be of great use afterward. You may use them on any of your other paintings or give them to your friend. So, throwing them away is not a nice idea.

10.  Tape the sticky edges of your canvas

Some canvases come with sticky edges. You should tape them because the dirt from the air may fix on those edges. And consequently, that will ruin the glamour of the painting.

11.  Straighten your drills

If your diamonds are not upright, you can lay them down in zigzag structures. That functions nicely for larger blocks of a similar color. However, you can utilize it for smaller blocks too.

12. Apply gentle pressure on the drill

When you apply wax on the diamonds and paste them on the canvas, make sure to not apply extra pressure. Too much pressure will make the wax stick on the diamonds. This may dull the shine of diamonds.

13. Clean wax from drills

If drills are already stuck with wax, then you should clean them. You can use a damp cloth to clean up the wax from diamonds. By cleaning them, they’ll shine up and look glamorous.

14.  Utilize DIY TAC instead of wax

Utilize DIY TAC instead of wax for diamond painting. For the reason that TAC is more durable than wax. You can easily make TAC at home. Take any old glue stick and pull out the glue from it. Make sure that it’s not much sticky. Knead it and soften its texture. Now, it’s ready. You can use it. You can also add ink to give it some color if you want. Otherwise, it works the same without ink.

Plenty of tips have been jotted down to help you make your painting glamorous. You can apply these tips to have excellent results. With that, we have solved all your problems with diamond painting. Be it any canvas issue or some drill problem, all of them are unraveled.  Now, start your diamond painting and create a wonderful masterpiece.

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