Tips on Buying Bottles and Accessories

If you’re looking to buy bottles, it should be noted that there is no one solution that fits all. You will need to be savvy based on your needs. That is why doing due diligence is important, especially if you’re buying online. There are babies that take a bottle with no resistance while others will put up a fight. Getting the best baby bottle sterilizer is not a straightforward process. As much as the baby will not have a preference, there is a high chance that you will. That is why it is usually recommended that you buy a variety of bottles as you never know what could be more appropriate.

 Manufacturers have become better when it comes to helping with the transition. The bottles now feel like nipples and a baby will not have a hard time adjusting. Here are some of the considerations you should be having in mind when you’re shopping for baby bottles.

Bottle Material

There are different bottle material and what you go for will depend on a couple of factors. If you’re on a budget, you could opt for plastic. It is light and shatterproof. A lot of parents will worry about chemicals and the deteriorating nature of plastic. This means that they’ll have to be replaced regularly.

Glass is not only heavy but can shatter. The upside is you get something that is durable and safe. As much as they last longer, you can expect to pay more.

Silicon bottles tend to be the preferred option because they’re light and unbreakable. The only downside is that they’re more expensive compared to glass and plastic but should last for a longer time. You’ll not have to worry about replacing them on a regular.

Bottle Shape

Baby bottles come in a wide variety of shapes. Traditional bottles tend to be tall and angled or slightly curved. Those who grew up in the 80s and 90s probably used this bottle. There are modern designs with different shapes that are supposed to serve different functions. The majority of the bottles in the market will claim to have shapes that easy for the baby to hold. That is why it is important that you’re buying different models so that it is easy to compare shapes. The wide-necks bottles will make it easy to measure to formula.


There are situations that might necessitate buying disposables. They’re easy to clean and will come in handy when you’re on the go. All that is needed is tossing the linear and inserting the nipple and you’re ready to go.

Venting Systems

The majority of bottles in the market will be marked as preventing colic.  This means that they could include straw-like components that prevent the baby from ingesting gas. This could lead to serious complications and you want to avoid such a predicament by getting the right bottle. There has been a lot of debates on whether this system actually works but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Size and Number

Not all bottles are going to be the same. That is why you need to be extra vigilant when looking at the size and number of bottles that you’re buying. The number will range from 4 to 12. The number you choose will depend on whether you’ll be breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. Make sure to research the right size of the bottle so that the baby is comfortable with the bottle which is crucial for feeding.

Safety Notes

There has been a concern about the safety of plastic materials used for baby bottles. As a parent, you wouldn’t want to compromise the health and safety of your baby just because you’re on a budget. In 2012, the use of BPA was banned in the manufacturer of all baby bottles because of the health risks it posed. It is recommended that you avoid plastic if it is possible when buying baby bottles.

There should be regular inspection of the bottles to ensure there are no cracks. Plastic bottles should never be boiled if you’re trying to clean. The alternative would be to heat them in the microwave.

There should be a high level of hygiene when handling baby bottles. Make sure to have a couple of bottles to avoid wear and tear. You want to take a proactive approach when it comes to inspection and replacement. The safety and health of the baby should be a priority. You can avoid going through a lot of trouble by only buying from reputable brands.

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