Tips on how to change motor oil in your car

The changing of motor oil and oil filter on a regular basis are the most important thing that will help you to keep your car on the track and realize its full efficiency.

With time the Moto engine oil filter breaks down, which varies from 3 months or 3,000 miles to 2 years or 20,000 miles depending upon your driving habits and your external environment.

But don’t worry, fortunately, changing the engine oil is quite easy and inexpensive too. So why go for a servicing center just to change your motor oil? Why not save money by doing it on your own?

Here we have covered some tips to change the engine oil.

Before you buy the engine oil or oil filter, first go through the brand that is being recommended by your car’s manufacturer. For that, you need to check the car’s manufacturer manual. It guides you to buy the best-suited oil in your car.

While choosing the engine oil, you have several options as you can go for the conventional oil, synthetic oil, and full blend synthetic oil. The choice may vary upon several factors like environment where do you live, your driving habits, your car engine age, your car manufacturer’s recommendation but at a cheaper rate.

Synthetic blend motor oil is the best synthetic motor oil as it includes many features of the full synthetic oil and you can find it on Bestfordriver website. This type of oil is gaining popularity because it allows users to switch from conventional to synthetic oil as it is a mixture of fully synthetic and conventional oil plus includes some additions to resist oxidation and excellent property to save the engine from high temperature.

In addition to the engine oil and oil filter, you’ll also need other tools to change the engine oil. So, make sure to get the necessary tools to save time.

Plus make sure to buy a good pair of letter gloves So that your hands will not get dirty.

Before drain, the oil runs the engine for 5 to 10 minutes. If you don’t know, oil has a unique feature to turn into solid fat when the temperature is low. When you run your engine gets warmed, oil is easily drained.

Warning- once your engine is warmed, then start changing your oil immediately, you might get injured yourself. Just wait for 10 to 15 minutes to cool down the engine temperature.

Park your car in proper and flat space. And make sure to apply your car in the parking position and also make sure to apply the parking brake a handbrake.

If you have the vehicle trestle, then it’s the right time to use it. It will support left beans on the hand side of your car and will avoid the chances of accidents because of using single Jack.

While changing the oil, you have to check if your car comes with the splash guard

that protects the underside of your car, then, first of all, remove that to get the access of your sump plug.

Make sure you have proper oil pan because once you remove the sump plug, all oil will flow directly into the pan. Here you have the opportunity to change the Crush washer and clean the sump plug.

Now wait for some time to drain the oil completely and if you wish not to take any risk of getting oil splashed onto your body then buy an oil extractor that will work as a suction apparatus and will remove the oil from the top.

If your car comes with the oil filter located at the top of your engine then just remove the oil filter before drain the old oil because it will allow the old to get drained also.

Using oil filter remover to remove the filter, once remove the oil filter then make sure to clean the compartment of the oil filter.

Use of funnel to fill the new oil to your engine, before that you need to go through the car’s manual. It will guide you on how much oil your engine needs and also check for what kind of oil the manufacturer is recommending.

Run the engine for about 5-10 minutes to circulate the oil throughout the engine and the oil filter. And also, this is the time to check for any leakage and if any then turn off the engine and tight those leaked parts.

Note down the date and mileage that is shown on your car’s odometer. This will give you the basic idea of when you need to change the oil next time.


Changing the engine oil is quite easy, but you just need to be cautious while removing the sump plug.

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