4 Tips To Getting Quick And Easy Legal Help Online

Similar to most professions, the legal sphere has strived to keep abreast with the remarkable technological advancements. Unlike the old days where you spent days moving up and down seeking legal help, today, sourcing for legal service is a matter of a few internet clicks.

That said, considering a high number of companies claim to offer online legal services – mostly scammers and amateurs, you need to tread the carefully in your search for legal assistance. Here’s what you can do to access quick and easy legal help online:

1. Search and call a legal help hotline

States have different hotlines which their residents can call for legal advice regarding particular issues. You can search for the respective state hotline number, which matches your legal question.

Call are either free or at a highly discounted price. Obtaining the right hotline number is of great importance.

2. Find a credible and quickly responsive lawyer site

Supposing you are ineligible to federally funded legal aid programs or pro bono programs, or you don’t feel like taking such a course, you may seek services from a reputable lawyer site that offers legal services in your state.

Take advantage of platforms that list reputable companies in various fields including law, like crunchbase.com.

For instance, for Glendale residents, LegalZoom will appear at the top of the list of Crunchbase law firms that offer reliable legal services on just about any issue.

Persons residing in other states may look for top-listed legal sites and contact several to assess their suitability. Look into how long the company has practiced law, their online user reviews to ascertain credibility.

The (free) online advice you get from such sites helps you determine the best way forward on various legal issues.

3. Search for a pro bono program

Legal pro bono programs are attorney services offered by federal bar associations, state associations, non-profit organizations or local associations for free or at a reduced cost to persons facing financial constraints.

Usually, persons eligible to benefit from pro bono programs include residents of respective states and additional requirements as stipulated by the provider.

A resident of the United States in need of free legal services can visit The American Bar Association, The State Bar Associations, or The United States Department of Justice websites for more information.

4. Use social media

Social media made the world a village. People from around the world get to exchange ideas and views of whatever nature at the click of a button. Taking into account the high number of quacks claiming to offer legal series, social media comes in handy when you wish to verify the suitability of a legal services provider. Alternatively, you may look up a firm’s social media page for correspondence and possible interaction before formal engagement.

Sourcing for legal services should never pose a problem if you apply the above simple tips.

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