3 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Ecommerce Campaign

Facebook is the largest social media platform that is good for a commercial advertisement. If you are running or want to run a commercial campaign on Facebook, then you have to keep in mind certain things that will make your commercial campaign a hit. This article talks about E-commerce campaign on Facebook so after reading this article you will get an idea about it. 

3 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Ecommerce Campaign

1. Utilize Multi-Product Advertisements – If you are thinking of advertising your products, then do multi-product advertising. Multi-product advertising means that you can showcase your multi-product in a single advertisement. This will be useful for you because you will be able to show a lot of products simultaneously in one advertisement. Multi-product advertising is also beneficial because this type of advertising can help promote conversions because when a customer sees these multi-product ads, they will likely click on the ad and after clicking, the product will be able to see and buy it on your website.

If you compare multi-product advertising with other advertising, then multi-product advertising is very useful, gives good results and really works. According to a survey report, it was found that after using multi-product advertisements, companies experienced a 300% increase in their click-through rates. You can also advertise your multi-product through a video advertisement, it is still in trend and people also like to watch unique videos. While making a video, keep in mind your target audience for whom you are making a video and the video should be something that attracts the attention of the people. So try multi-product advertisements for your commercial campaign.

2. Run Retargeting Campaigns – If you are running an eCommerce business then you know that most people choose a product for buying but end up leaving their cart without buying the product. According to a report, more than 50 % of people leave their cart without purchasing. You know very well that there are very few people who come back to the website and buy that product. So it is your duty to retarget those people who leave their cart without purchasing.

If a person shows his interest in your product but doesn’t purchase it then you can retarget it by giving offering more discount so he can rethink about it. You have the chance to go back to them through Facebook and advertise your products and give them some good offers so that they show interest again in buying your product. It is also easy to get back those audiences who leave their cart without purchasing because they were interested in products. So you should run retargeting campaigns for generating customers again.  

3. Use Conversion Tracking Pixel – If you are running an e-commerce campaign, then you should use conversion tracking pixels, this will help you a lot. It is a code used to track the behavior of visitors to your site. Its advantage is that through this you will be able to know that how much conversions you received from your advertising campaign. This will let you know whether your campaign is going in the right direction or not and also you will know how many people have been affected by this campaign and your product has been purchased by them. 

So as you can see in the above given article that if you follow these three things, then there is more chance of your campaign being successful. Apart from this, there are other things which will help you like

  • While advertising you should also offer some great deals so people can get attracted to it and you should give them a reason to click on your advertisement. 
  • Make unique vides and use multiple products in it so people can see more of your product. 
  • Boost a past post, so people can see your past post also. 

So as you can see in the above given article that social media platform is a good option for an e-commerce campaign and Facebook is the largest social media platform so you can use it for your e-commerce campaign and it will surely increase sell of your products. You should follow the above given things for better commercial campaign Or you can get help from Montreal Digital Agency for campaign. 

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