5 Tips To Increase Your Organic Page Ranking

Everybody who understands the power of the internet would love to have his website ranked at the very top. Statistics are indicating that the first page generates about 90% of the traffic. It means that 9 out of 10 potential customers won’t ever find your website if you’re ranked on the second page. The top result usually generates 30-40% of the first-page traffic.

These are huge numbers, and you should do everything you can to rank this high. Of course, it’s not easy. You’ll have to wait a lot of time for it to happen and put a lot of work. But, if you succeed, you’ll greatly benefit, and your company will grow faster than you can imagine. So, don’t waste more time and learn what the five useful tips that will significantly increase your organic page ranking are!

So, first things first. Start by checking what your current position is. It’s important to know where you’re at right now because then you’ll see what you can improve. However, you have to be selective. There are many ranking programs because this branch is getting more and more popular. Unfortunately, most of them are too expensive. That’s why you should look for the most affordable rankings checker, which not only fulfil its tasks but is also wallet-friendly. Besides the rank tracking function, these programs can tell you what’s your site loading page, bounce rate, and other essential from an SEO point of view information.

Define your keyword list

Identifying target keywords is a hard but essential process. A lot of businesses understand the importance of having a ranked page; however, they often do it inappropriately, which brings the opposite results. Basing your keywords on the search volume only is a big mistake. As a result, these companies are often trying to rank for keywords that are just too hard or costly to rank. Sometimes, they are ranking for keywords, that aren’t connected to their product at all. What’s the result? A lot of visitors who are just unnecessary since they came there for another reason.

Don’t make these mistakes. Focus on keywords that your target customer would likely use when he’s searching for your product. If you own a hair salon in Chicago, instead of ranking up for hair salon, which is very hard to achieve, try to go for hair salon Chicago. It’ll allow you to attract these customers, who are likely to use your service, which is what you really need.

Quality links building

Links are essential in SEO, and you should pay special attention to them. Google often penalize the websites that are using some unethical, shady link building methods. Don’t be that guy, and focus on building high-quality links that will be helpful. Of course, the more links you get, the better. However, there’s a lot of companies that are doing spammy SEO strategies. It might work now, but be sure that Google gets rid of these practices shortly. It’s evident that they’re trying to encourage appropriate and quality content making. Those who understand it are one step ahead of their competition. So make sure that you create quality content, use a lot of infographics, and write articles that will be useful for target visitors.

Take care of on-page optimization

A proper SEO strategy is needed, but nobody will be encouraged to use your services if your website is slow and user-unfriendly. Work on user experience, design your website, so that it’s transparent and clean, provide a lot of quality infographics and articles. Simply speaking, do everything so that your customers spend more time there than they would typically do.

Make sure that your website is mobile users friendly

More and more people have pretty much-unlimited access to the internet with their smartphones. That’s why smart and foreseeing companies do everything to satisfy those customers, who are browsing their site using mobile phones. Adding mobile responsive design for smartphones, and other portable devices make your page more user-friendly for everyone who visits it, no matter what their device is.

Performance Monitoring

Last, but not least. Even if your webpage is highly ranked, it doesn’t mean that you can stop taking care of it. Constant supervision is an integral part of successful SEO optimization. Carefully analyze what brings you the most traffic and develop these keywords. When you notice, that specific keyword isn’t as traffic making as in the past, stop targeting it. Also, make sure to get rid of all the inconvenience that visitors may encounter on your website. Always provide them with the best user experience, and they’ll often be coming back.

SEO is essential, but always remember that it’s only a tool. You’re creating the webpage for your customers, and if they are not satisfied with it, you won’t be getting as much as you could. That’s why you should implement these five tips, that will boost the organic traffic on your website significantly.

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