6 Tips and Tricks to Create Great Contents for Your Site

Businesses around the globe always eye on producing an alluring, sales-driven website regardless of the business nature. The business owners always prefer a website that provides stunning visuals, user-friendly navigation, easy functionality, robust shopping carts, and a great range of bells and whistles.

Hence, it’s all about the design, isn’t it? But is it all that a website needs? No, if you ask any leading website development company such as Intlum, they will certainly mention one more aspect of a website’s success – Content.

Your website content is something that is responsible for giving your website the right success you have been looking for. Be it, providing information to the visitors or helping your site to rank better on Google search results, Content is the main fundament of all of them. Consequently, well-created or curated content turns into a necessity.

Now, the question remains, what should be the parameter of a quality content? Well, a quality content will resonate well with your target audience, attract the new users, and engage the current users. Moreover, the content instigates users to take an action.

Tips and Tricks to Create Great Contents

Sometimes the users take action instantaneously and sometimes they take action later. Content persuades the users to remember the content and take action. Here, we will provide you with the 5 surefire tricks to create the contents that will add value to your website.

1. Provide Value

You need to get into your customers’ shoes. You have to understand that your clients will value what you provide more than who you are. In this society full of self-promotion, you have to be a little different and tell your clients what services they will get and how the services will benefit them because they are really less interested in discovering your story until the story values them.

The above is the reason for the boring and drowsy missions and visions are getting eliminated on a daily basis from the modern websites. Rather than the boring contents, you should aim at presenting your company’s accolades and achievements which can add values to your company in front of the online visitors.

User intent is another perspective you should focus on. Instead of crafting the salesy contents, try to analyze the user intent and implement them in contents. You can evaluate the user intent by looking for the search term the users generally use to find the answers to their queries.

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2. Implant Personality

Your content does not breathe and it’s surely not going to interact with your site visitors in person. But yet the contents need to consist of a personality that sets it apart from the rest of the contents on the same topic. Consistency and personality are two aspects that have to be embedded into the web pages so that they are able to successfully create a comfort zone around the visitors and keep them encouraging reading the copy and the others.

Well, this definitely does not mean that you should go for the bizarre contents that sound ridiculous in front of the users. Rather, the contents should be informative and stimulating at the same time.

On the other hand, you have to make your brand stand tall. In order to get the job done, you need to consider the USP (Unique Selling Points) and utilize them to create a stimulating and inspiring experience for the users. Remembering this is important at every stage of web copywriting. This will not only make you a great copywriter but also make your contents sell.

3. Make Use of Trigger Words

Trigger words make sales. Yes, it is absolutely true. Instead of using the boring repetitive verbs, you can make use of the exciting, inducing, and actionable verbs and words which will enrich your content and its ability to convert.

These words will certainly energize your whole website content and make it worth the users’ attention. Using those words will clear all the doubts and make the content concrete enough to take action. You will be equipped to create a strong impact through the words which will help you instigate users to take action.

Remember one golden rule of a great content – you have to make the users think they are a part of unfolding your story. The emotional trigger words should be incorporated into the headings, CTA, body paragraph and subheadings.

4. Create Best Call to Actions (CTA)

Call to Action or CTA is something that plays one of the most vital parts in providing your website with the conversion. Thus, you have to make your website’s CTA viable and it should reflect a vibe that encourages a user to take action.

Any website should have at least one CTA as you won’t be able to lead the visitors to the next stage of the conversion funnel. Leverage the CTA to channelize your website visitors across your website and conversion funnel by making judicious use of the contents.

If you don’t embed a sense of urgency in your website, the users would not scroll and browse forever. They will simply forbid your website and jump to the next one the search engines provide them with. If you want to make good conversion through your site, you have to prioritize the CTA.

If made good use of the option, you will certainly see the results very quickly as tons of users will be converted into your clients and the overall conversion rate will go higher.

5. Readable and Scannable Content

This point is often ignored but one of the golden rules in content creation. You have to make your contents readable and scannable for your website viewers. In the world full of busyness, nobody has the time to read a whole content word by word.

Thus, it’s your responsibility to make the contents scannable enough that it becomes comprehensible while skimming. Almost all the users will skim through your contents and if they find a point or two useful, they’ll read the whole content. So, make good use of headings, words and always be clear.

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6. Short Sentence

Short sentences are the parameter of comprehensible contents. The sentences with more than 20 words are regarded as tough to read for the users. The appropriate length of a sentence should be 15-20 words. However, you should never comprise with your sentence’s quality for shortening the length.

But if you think twice, you would certainly get one good way to craft a short sentence. One of the best examples of such a short sentence with enough information can be:

“Best Web Design Company with Years of Experience and Hundreds of Successful Portfolios.”

See! You don’t need to exaggerate the sentence to describe the company’s expertise or experience. That has already been done in one sentence within 13 words!

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