10 Online Services to Improve the Living of a Modern Man

Do you want some online services to lit up your daily life? The life of a modern human is like a quick stream. In order to be successful, we need to combine career, personal life, hobbies and relationship with the closest relatives.

What to do if you don’t even know where to start? The answer is simple, as the majority of answers in 2018 – find a clue on the Internet!

If you are willing to improve your life, enrich it with sense, improve your standards of living, or just train your abilities, do not hesitate to check out these top websites.

10 Best Online Services

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1) 21habit

This site will help you to build your good habits and get rid of bad ones. Psychologists assume that it takes about three weeks to perform both actions. The service offers to make marks for 21 days.

If you have accomplished the action, set the ‘finger’ up, if you haven’t – one ‘finger’ down. You will notice how unpleasant it will be for you to spoil the range of positive marks. This trick will motivate you to advance your positive progress.

2) Lifetick

Lifetick allows building a hierarchy, where the global life priority is on the top. Then actual and relevant goals come. After them, all less valuable life goals are situated. In such a manner, you climb to your dream by completing real goals.

3) 43 things

This site adds a social flavor to your practice of goal achievement. Here you can create a list of your tasks and share it in social networks with other users.

The participants of the project can comment on your initiatives and get acquainted with them. Maybe, you will get the needed support. It will help you not feel lonely facing life difficulties.

4) Joe’s Goals

This is a very simple one-page instrument that helps in following your positive habits. You just mark every day when you have completed your task and get special points for that.

There is a statistical instrument, which will be in use after some time of using this site. If you need a simple substitution for the regular calendar, this site is what you need.

5) TED

And the last one, but not less important member of our top 10 online services. This is a real treasure for those who want to improve standards of their lives or just know something interesting. Thousands of videos touch various topics and aspects of our life:

⦁ sociology
⦁ sciences
⦁ psychology
⦁ technology
⦁ business

Head on and boost your IQ. This is a very brief list. If you want to improve your life, the main thing is your strong will.

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6) Cognifit

This site is a complex of instruments that help to improve your cognitive functions. It is considered to be one of the best online services in this category.

Here you will be able to pass through various tests and to find a lot of approaches and methods for improving memory, thinking, imagination, etc. Also, there is a powerful tool for professionals.

7) Creativity 365

This one is a member of another interesting chart. This powerful website and mobile application will become a good instrument for organizing your life, no matter what you do.

In one word, it is a big organizer for any matter of your life. And it fits into your mobile device. And, the first one goes beyond all tops. If you google write my assignment for me, you will find a great service which will help you.

8) Fitness Blender

No one will argue that improving life begins with the improvement of the body. This site can become your personal coach. Here you can find several hundreds of free physical training workouts. To search for needed things, there is a set of useful filters. With them you can pick essential exercises for training definite groups of muscles, requiring various equipment, having various difficulty, etc.

The service itself is a recorded film that demonstrates the chosen technique. It is good that there is a counter of calories, time remaining, demonstration of the next exercise, and so on.

9) Duolingo

This service allows learning English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese for free. You can choose your daily schedule and estimate your knowledge.

The exercises include tests and translations. Some exercises contain listening. There is no grammar emphasis, but grammar notes are given at the end of an exercise.

10) Creativity Portal

If you have lost the passion for achieving goals, you need some creativity. And this is the best place to get it fast. Articles, pictures, videos – here you will find everything you need to create a huge boost for your creativity and to find many new ideas through these online services.

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