Top 5 IT Recruitment Skills For 2021 & Mistakes To Avoid

Recruiter is one of the most important positions in a company. A good recruiter can bring a business to the top, while the one with not enough skills can be the reason for severe losses. How does a recruiter impact the business?


The answer is simple – a person who finds the candidates for a particular position and chooses them is partially responsible for the person’s performance. After all, it’s their profession to determine whether a potential worker has enough skills and qualifications to do the job.


In the IT world, good recruiters are especially valuable. With the market being crowded with millions of aspiring developers and UI/UX designers, finding talents that will suit your company is a real challenge. And that’s the reason IT recruitment services like Develux exist and are always ready to help. They have only the best professionals in IT recruiting, who will provide you with the right candidates in the shortest terms.


Also, turning to IT recruitment consultancies is a much more viable option than creating a position for that matter inside your company. Why?


  1. First of all, not all companies have a constant need for hiring. Some of them need to hire just a few new workers each year. That’s especially true for small businesses and the ones occupying the tiny niches. Instead of creating a dedicated position for a recruiter, they can just ask the IT recruitment services for help when it’s needed.
  2. Most businesses that specialize in this field employ true professionals, who are 100% guaranteed to provide you with the right candidates. This can save you a lot of time and expenses, compared to the risks of employing an inexperienced talent scout.
  3. What’s probably the most important benefit of IT recruitment firms, is the terms they’re able to find workers for you. As said before, most of them have decades of experience in this industry, meaning that they know where exactly to look for. Also, the presence of that experience itself helps to save a lot of time. All that considered, a good IT recruitment agency will probably find perfect candidates many times faster than if you did it yourself.


Most Important Skills


Communication is the foundation of an effective and comfortable atmosphere in the workplace. Not only that, it’s the key to finding the right candidates for any position. Determining whether the person suits the job can be only done through a conversation. No CV or LinkedIn profile will ever tell as much as a simple dialogue with a job-seeker.


All the best IT recruitment companies know what questions to ask and how to speak so that the candidate reveals their traits and personality. Because even if the job-seeker does have the needed skills and experience, their inability to communicate with potential team members can be the reason for denial.



Patience is one of the most important weapons in the arsenal of a good talent seeker. If you’re impatient, then this job is probably not for you. You’ll need to go through hundreds, if not thousands of applications, then choose the first wave of potential workers, then determine which ones suit more, and repeat that until you find the right ones.


And in the end, there’s a chance that none of the applicants will seem good enough. So, you’ll have to start over and over again until the job is done. You can’t expect yourself to do all that effectively without the ability to stay patient. Many bad hires are done simply because the recruiters lost their patience and started lowering their requirements, just to end the process faster.



All experienced IT recruiting companies now – a talent seeker is not only a person who’s able to find the right candidates, but also the one who’s able to convince them that they need the job. In general words, they are marketing a position in a company to the talents. Don’t get it wrong though, there’s no need to study marketing professionally to achieve success.


It’s just important to know what are the deciding points for job-seekers, and how to present the benefits your company offers. Also, being able to market a job opportunity can help you develop yourself professionally, as it improves critical thinking and helps to understand the candidates better.


Organizational Skills

Organizational skills are a pretty wide group of one’s personal abilities to effectively organize their own time and the processes they’re responsible for. First of all, IT staff recruitment includes hundreds of easy but time-consuming tasks like reading all the applications, emailing, interviewing, and so on. And these are just the easy ones, don’t forget that you’ll need to narrow down the pool of potential employees while reporting to the employer.


To do all that, the ability to organize is crucial. If you can effectively manage your time, and dedicate certain amounts of it to particular processes, then everything will work like clockwork. Keep in mind that today there are many applications and services that exist to help in the recruitment process. Some may go through applications automatically, while others can sort them based on whatever you need.


Technical Knowledge

Even though an  IT recruiter doesn’t need to know how to write the code itself, knowing at least the basics is very important. How do you expect yourself to determine the experience level of a potential UI/UX if you don’t know anything about it? So, a good talent seeker must obtain at least some knowledge about the specifics of the positions or a company they’re finding candidates for.


Common Mistakes

Not Knowing When to Give Up

One of the most common mistakes among recruiters is that they give up on potential talents too soon or too late. For example, sometimes they’re unable to reveal or realize a person’s potential, so they decline them immediately. And sometimes, they spend too much time trying to reveal those without any success, which obviously isn’t a good thing either.


So, it’s important to know when to stop, and deadlines can help you with that. Also, speaking to the job-seekers honestly and straight to the point can help increase the effectiveness of the whole communication process.


Misleading Requirements

Today, companies are often trying to be creative and original with their job description and requirements. It’s not a bad thing, of course, but sometimes it can lead to misunderstandings. Always remember that being precise is the most important thing and that creativity can be sometimes neglected in order to achieve it.


Underestimating Soft Skills

Technical knowledge and experience are the most important weapons in a candidate’s arsenal, that’s a fact. But soft skills shouldn’t be neglected too. After all, they’re going to work in a team, so in many cases, a person with tons of experience but no communication skills will perform worse than someone who has less experience but is able to communicate better.


Wrapping It Up

Being a recruiter in the IT industry is not a cakewalk. It’s a time and nerve-consuming profession that requires a lot of patience and communication. Yet, if you like talking to people and will be glad to reveal and determine their personal and professional abilities, then this job will most likely suit you. So, strive to obtain and improve the skills listed in the article, and try to avoid any mistakes, especially the most common ones. Good luck!

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