TOP 5 Mobile Apps for Developing Writing Skills

Many students and professionals struggle with their writing skills, which is unfortunate because good writing skills can help them convey information clearly and effectively to a bigger audience. In fact, writing can be more effective than having a face-to-face conversation or talking on the telephone. Students, in particular, need good writing skills to write excellent academic papers. If you want to get great tips on developing your writing skills, you simply need to Google, “Write my paper for me,” and you will get tons of instructions, resources, and help.

Good communication skills are extremely important in the current world, which is increasingly reliant on technological innovation. In fact, according to many teachers today, students are losing, or not taking seriously, the art of writing. However, instead of looking at the impact of technology on writing skills with trepidation, they should take advantage of its power and potential to help students develop their writing skills.

Whether you need help articulating your thoughts and ideas, struggling with complex or basic grammar, or are simply feeling overwhelmed, you can rest assured that there is a mobile app to help you develop your writing skills. In the Writer’s Digest May/June 2019 issue, you will find a list of some of the best mobile apps for people who want to develop their writing skills.

Word processors and text apps simply cannot cut it anymore. If you really want to be a great writer, writing apps are the way to go. They can help you learn how to write and train every day, rate your content’s readability, and much more. Many of them can work with either an Apple or Android device. Below are the top 5 mobile apps for developing writing skills.

  1. Scrivener

Developed to meet the need for a tool or app that embraces the creativity of all types of writing, this app is very popular among writers. If you need to organize words for a project or writing a screenplay, academic paper, or e-book, Scrivener will give you the ability to do just that. As you continue to write on a consistent basis, you will gradually get better. Built using a notecard system, this app will help you rearrange and organize chapters and sections, while still having a clear view of everything.

  1. iaWriter

If you are writing online using any program, you will still have to do some serious formatting, either through html or manually, both of which are frustrating and time-consuming. This app will help you bypass the formatting using Markdown, which is a markup language designed to format content for html. Essentially, it will format your text automatically, saving you a lot of time and frustration.

  1. OmmWriter

This is the ideal app for people who want to go zen when writing. Writers simply need to put their words on screen, and the app will do the formatting for them. Additionally, it goes full screen, which helps writers focus on their writing while listening to a series of hypnotic sounds that put them in the perfect mood to write.

  1. Google Docs

All writers need an editor. One of the simplest and most effective collaboration tools for writers is Google Docs. You can use it to collaborate and share with other writers, view updates in real time, and track all changes.

  1. WhiteSmoke

This practical and useful app works on multiple operating systems. It helps writers complete their research papers and essays on time, in addition to improving the quality of their academic writing. It will help you identify the most common grammar and spelling errors so you can avoid making them in future. It is also easy to use and will save you tons of effort and time.

The world is at a point where people can write and publish their articles and/or blogs directly from their mobile communication devices. With the availability of more advanced and powerful Smartphones and tablets with larger screens, there has never been a better time to start developing your writing skills using mobile apps.

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