Top 6 Multiplayer Game Apps in 2019

With the introduction of new phone technology at the time, video games get upgraded as well. Android gaming is not immune to this. The continuous progress has resulted in the creation of games that are not only entertaining but are also connecting people. Gone are the days when mobile games used to base around puzzles and offered less diversity in choices of games. The modern-day gaming has evolved into a multiplayer setup where you can form a community within the game and use a clan website builder to create an online presence.

With so much competition, game developers have been working tirelessly to create games that offer a fantastic multiplayer user experience. Here are the top five multiplayer game apps that are taking the world by storm in the year 2019.

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile started dominating other game apps in the mid-2018. Ever since then, it has remained at the top spot for most liked free android game. If you still haven’t heard about it (seriously?), the game follows a battle Royale concept where 100 players drop down to an island and fight for survival. The game includes a multiplayer option where people can form teams of four or two, but they can also play solo if they wish.

2. Asphalt 9: Legends

This game is loved by racing fans worldwide as it offers unique features. Being the latest game in Gameloft’s racing arcade franchise, it requires players to unlock cars, play through different scenarios, race against AI or other players. The multiplayer option offers the opportunity of a quick race with anyone you desire. The best things about this game are the superior graphics and fantastic user experience.

3. NOVA Legacy

The latest game in the NOVA franchise has people in awe. This is the first game app by NOVA which features a multiplayer option. The game is about special events, campaign mode, and Special Ops – a game mode. On the other hand, the multiplayer feature of the game is about competing on the leaderboards, fighting death matches, and customizing your character.

4. 8 Ball Pool

It’s a shame that you can’t go out with your friends and challenge them for a pool game every day. To help people play together, MiniClip launched 8 ball pool whose fanbase has been on the rise ever since its launch. You can take on a random player online or play a match against your friend. The game is so engaging that will probably keep you busy for quite some time.

5. Crossy Road

This arcade game is simple yet addictive. With the simple goal of crossing the road as many times as one can without getting killed, the game gained popularity among people. The local multiplayer mode of this game allows you to play with your friends. It supports two and four players to be added to the same game.

6. Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a game that needs lot of concentration to complete. In this game you are given with a character that keeps moving and you need to jump and dodge the obstacles on the way. As the game goes on it keeps getting difficult and would need more of your attention to complete, make your high score and challenge your friends to compete with you

Honorable Mention

Over the past years, Clash of Clans has been a personal favorite to many. It requires you to build your village, army, and buildings while attacking other players for loot and glory. This game sits at the top when it comes to games by Supercell. It offers a multiplayer setup where people come together and form a clan to fight their battles together. Other than that, there is the option of in-app interaction among the players. Clash of Clans is known to be a pioneer of the gaming world and is loved by fans all around the world.

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