Top Benefits of Hiring a Calgary SEO Consultant

Starting a new business is one thing. Propelling it to greater profits heights is another different thing. According to the stats, about 80 percent of new businesses don’t live up to their fifth birthday.  Remember, there is stiff competition out there. Thus, making it to the top—especially for new business owners—can be tough.

From nailing more clients to realizing real revenues, running a successful business is not a joke. However, you can leverage the power of SEO to reach more clients and register impressive revenue results. However, SEO is technical in nature. It involves a lot of technical aspects that you might be unaware of. That’s why you need to hire a competent Calgary SEO Consultant. Here are the top reasons why you should seriously consider hiring an SEO expert.

The Stats

Realizing a higher ranking on major search engines such as Google is imperative. According to stats, more than fifty percent of those who do an online search will visit the site that pops first on Google. Also, a site that appears first on Google receives about 33 percent of the clicks. Thus, your business’s success is hinged on its Google ranking. So, what does that mean? It means that SEO is important. Even more, it means that getting it right will make you more successful. This makes it necessary to hire an SEO consultant.

The Basics

Google ranking isn’t a new concept in this digital era. It’s what makes your site stand out and reach more clients. With low Google ranking, you risk leaving your site stagnated—which can tremendously injure your business fortunes. Irrespective of your business niche, Google ranking is something you need to invest in. From law firms, online merchants, to doctors, Google ranking is the real deal when it comes to acquiring more clients. And one of the best ways to boost your Google ranking is to invest in SEO. But SEO is complex. You need an expert to take you through the whole process. Plus, you might not have the time to roll out an effective SEO strategy. That’s why hiring an SEO expert can be a nice decision. The following are the top benefits of hiring an SEO consultant or you can visit this site

On-Going SEO Help

Hiring an SEO expert means that you will be getting on-going SEO related help. From monitoring the progress of your site to making improvements based on modern SEO trends, hiring an SEO expert will hugely benefit your business.

Inbound Marketing

If you want to take your business’s fortunes to another new level, think in terms of SEO. With this effective digital marketing strategy, you can be sure of rolling out an effective outbound marketing strategy. Here, you attract clients automatically to your site without using any marketing or even advertising forum.

With outbound marketing, you can boost the ranking of your site—thus increasing its overall visibility. This not only attracts potential clients but also plays a key role in boosting your business’s revenues. So, if you want to take advantage of outbound marketing, hire an SEO consultant. He/she has the skills, tools, and techniques to execute your outbound marketing strategy.


Money is hard to come by. To get money, you need to work extra hard. That’s why you need to spend it carefully. Unlike other marketing strategies like billboards and TV, SEO is highly cost-effective. You spend less and still get more clients. You don’t need to hire billboards or book airtime in your TV station. All you need is to understand how SEO works. Hiring an SEO expert can be even more cost-effective. He/she can leverage on different platforms when it comes to PPC, Google Ad Words, etc. to boost the growth of your business’s brand. Even more, SEO services aren’t that expensive. They are not only highly reliable but also affordable.


Content still rules when it comes to digital marketing. It’s the king of marketing. Plus, your site’s ranking is highly dependent on the content posted. Mess with the content and dwindle your site’s ranking. That’s why you need genuine, quality, valuable, as well as relevant content. Your site needs this type of content to climb the Google ranking ladder and get you more clients. However, creating high-quality, converting content isn’t a joke. It requires analytical skills and a creative mind. That’s’ why you need to entrust these services to an SEO consultant. An SEO company has the resources, manpower, and tools to create high-quality content. This will automatically boost your site’s authority.

Increased Relevant Traffic

SEO is all about generating more traffic. Remember, the more the traffic, the higher the leads, and the superior the revenues. Generating more traffic starts with optimizing your site for increased visibility. A good site should be mobile-friendly, have an interactive platform, and navigable. However, without SEO skills, accomplishing these tasks can be an uphill task. That’s why you need an SEO expert to take you through the process. So, if you want more traffic and increased revenues, consider hiring an SEO expert.

Higher Return on Investments

The business sphere is getting stiffer. This makes it hard to thrive—especially for startups. But you don’t have to cow down. You can still beat the competition and propel your company to greatness. With an SEO expert, you have a professional who understands the tricks of reaching out to more customers in a swift manner. The best part, SEO companies don’t charge exorbitantly to improve your company’s visibility. In a nutshell, SEO is cost effective and can be rolled out on a 24/7 basis. Thus, clients can access your services or product offering on a 24-hour basis.

If You Want the Best, Hire From the Top

Don’t just hire an SEO consultant to market your business. Choose the best one. Go for someone with the right skills, attitude, and ability to steer your SEO agenda to the next level. Ensure that the consultant you hire is highly passionate and committed towards executing your SEO strategy. Remember, improving your company’s visibility and achieving higher conversion rates takes time, effort, dedication, and passion.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of hiring an SEO expert include:

  • Saves time
  • Achieves better results
  • An SEO consultant has the skills to do things right
  • Gives you a second opinion

The Bottom-Line

You don’t have to stick to the bare minimum when it comes to getting more clients, improving your brand’s visibility, and skyrocketing your revenues. You can use SEO to hit the ball rolling. Consider hiring an SEO consultant and enjoy the above benefits.

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