Top Cable TV Providers in the USA

Out of 74 cable TV service providers operating in the US, choosing the right company, which caters to you and your family’s needs, can be a challenge for any buyer. However, there are certain key factors that people usually utilize for narrowing down their search, such as affordability, channel lineup, DVR, terms of the contract, and the flexibility of plans, etc. Keeping in mind such factors, this article compiles the list of top cable TV providers in the US.

  1. Mediacom Cable

Since its arrival in 1996, Mediacom has been vigilantly offering its services to small towns of America, presenting 200+ HD channel line-ups, internet connectivity, in-home Wi-Fi gear and innovative technology such as TiVo®. You can sign up for more than one services by bundling together TV or the internet with the phone. The convenient factor: you can pay one bill to one provider for multiple services.

  1. Frontier Communications

This top provider of the US not only offers residential services but also covers small to medium sized businesses. What sets them apart is their price policy where they guarantee the same rates for the next three years without any restriction of contract.

  1. Comcast Cable Service

Comcast Cable which is also popularly known as Xfinity offers a wide range of services ranging from cable TV, internet connection, mobile plans and home security systems. Customers get an option to buy more than one service or just select the services they may need.

  1. Optimum

Optimum offers cable TV service via Cablevision along with internet connectivity. It originally started off as a local Long Island company with about 1,500 customers. However, it currently provides news channels locally in that region and all through America.

  1. Cox Communications

Cox Communications, also commonly known as Cox cable, is one of the leading provider companies in the United States telecom market. It claims to be an ethical company and shares a code of ethics on its website so the customers/visitors can comprehend the principles it is established on and still carries out. The 3rd largest cable TV provider, Cox, is currently serving more than 6.2 million customers with stellar services such as DVR, home security, high-speed internet, and home phone along with cable TV.

  1. Suddenlink

Suddenlink Communication offers telecom services including TV, internet, phone, and home security. Their internet speeds vary between 50 Mbps to 1 Gbps. They do provide discounts if you bundle up their services.

  1. Charter Communications

Charter Communications, also popularly known as Charter Spectrum or Spectrum, is the 4th largest cable operator in the US. Spectrum has been delivering cable TV services since 1993. Currently, it delivers telecom services to more than 6 million customers residing in 28 states. It also provides home phone services besides cable TV and internet.  Charter Spectrum bought Time Warner Cable (TWC), which was the second-largest American cable TV provider in the US, along with Bright House Networks back in 2015. It has provided services since the early 1970s, and today offers high-speed Internet and data services in addition to entertainment plans.

Conclusive thoughts:

Visit the official websites of the aforementioned cable TV providers to see the areas covered by them. Here is a quick recap of the best Cable TV providers with a one-liner based on what these providers are prominent for, so you can decide for yourself.

  • AT&T U-verse enables you to build your own bundle based on the services you need.
  • Verizon FiOS provides the most customizable channel line-up package.
  • Comcast XFINITY has the most reasonably priced bundle deals.
  • Charter Spectrum has this “No contracts” policy where you are not restricted.

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