Top Instagram Trends 2020

Influencer marketing has transformed social media platforms, especially Instagram. From Instagram stories to IGTV videos, the platform keeps on evolving with time.

New to Instagram? Follow these Instagram trends in 2020 to make your mark on the platform with increased engagement rates, likes, comments, sales, and more!

Top Instagram trends 2020

The digital marketing world is transforming and to stay on top of the competition, the modern marketer must embrace changes. Here are some Instagram trends in 2020 that every brand and aspiring Instagram influencers must keep up with:


Initially, the use of IGTV was not quite clear, but it has now become the hallmark of an effective online marketing strategy. Every Instagram feed is filled with IGTV videos and most Instagram accounts belonging to brands utilize IGTV series to reach their target audience. The best thing about IGTV is that it results in increased user engagement.

Instagram stories

No matter if you are a nano influencer or one with a million followers, Instagram stories are the best way to put out your message. Everyone is lured by the Instagram growth services, but it is best to stick to the basics at the start. As you learn the art marketing with Instagram stories, you’ll naturally feel a need for outside help. This is where Instagram promotion services come in to help.

Instagram shopping

Tag products, post video content, enable in-app checkouts, and do more with Instagram Shopping. Using Instagram shopping is a new trend and presents a great opportunity to grow your account and brand name on the social media network.

Explore tab

‘Instagram Trend list’ is incomplete without the Explore tab. Millions of active users post content at the right times to get followers. Use call to action to compel users through your services and use relevant and popular hashtags for your Instagram content to appear on the explore page!

Long captions

One of the best ways to deliver your message is by posting long captions for posts and stories. It is also a good idea to post a landscape video every now and then to reach out to your audience!

Tips for Instagram growth

With about 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, there is so much that marketers can do to increase their sales. You can build a strong community with thousands of followers, likes, and sales for your business. Follow these easy tips for Instagram growth!

  • Like posts related to your niche – Don’t spam, but genuinely like and comment on pictures and videos of other influencers in the same niche. Follow them so they will follow you back!
  • Follow picture theme – Your account must be appealing and should have a photo theme to instantly grab the attention of users.
  • Be active and socialize – Never leave your account idle for days. Be active, reply to comments, follow back, and answer questions.
  • Use hashtags – Build your unique, branded hashtag, and encourage others to use it to build a community. It is the easiest way to get new content for your account. Or think about tapping into popular hashtags.
  • Utilize Instagram stories – Post stories, tag your products, add follow links, post updates, use filters, and much more to get daily followers.
  • Choose only the best Instagram growth service for your account – Avoid buying followers, but it is safe to use services that can grow your Instagram account organically.


Instagram is the best tool for marketers to reach their target audiences. But growing an Instagram account is not as easy as it might seem. The good news is that being aware of the trends and implementing the above-explained tips can help grow your account exponentially.

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