Top Mobile Games 2020 for Students

Description: Don’t you want to overlook the next evolution of mobile gaming? Find out what stunning mobile games are awaited by students worldwide in 2020 and be the first to test them.

1#) Top Mobile Games 2020 for Students

Compulsive mobile gamers state in one voice that 2019 was a real breakthrough for mobile gaming, but they still don’t know what games 2020 will bring us! Check the updated list of the top mobile games this year, and don’t forget to get some assignment writers help not to fail your deadlines while you will be fighting, experiencing adventures, and going on quests.

2#) Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall

Finally, movie fans can become active participants in gripping actions. In the story, a player will manage the Night Watch and do tactic sweeps beyond the Wall, and, therefore, he will be held responsible for the settlement management and hero battles. Even though the game’s events occur a few decades before the TV series, the game features Daenerys and Jon Snow. Their appearance is related to time travel.

3#) Gran Saga

It’s a loud Korean epic. The projects from Asian developers evoke emotion and attract attention even when they are on mobile devices. The game characters are looking for some powerful weapon and using pets in fights. But as we know, the story in mobile RPGs isn’t so important nice special effects, easy-to-use control, and balanced PvP.  If the game can offer all of these, it will definitely become one of the most popular in 2020.

4#) Last Kings

It’s a game with a team of heroic fighters. “Last Kings” is released at the same time for mobile platforms and PCs. The team of heroes moves through dungeons, where you can explore locations and see their beauty. But during the battle, there is a real mess waiting for you, where it’s challenging to be guided.

5#) League of Legends: Wild Rift

The game is a “polished” version of the popular MOBA League of Legends for consoles and mobile devices. The gameplay is speeded up, and all models, animations, controls, systems, and mechanics were adapted. The developers changed even some of the modes, maps, and abilities of the heroes, but the main core remains the same — you also fight in 5×5 battles, and the main goal is to destroy the enemy base. At the start, we have 40 heroes from the original and significantly redesigned game map. The average duration of the session will not exceed 15 minutes.

6#) Legacy

“Legacy” is a business simulator in which a player has to go through the entrepreneur’s thorny path, starting with creating his original product somewhere in the garage. One of the important aspects of “Legacy” is its own product development and its management. Growing into factories, players should think about collaboration with trade unions, working conditions for workers, and even environmental pollution. Such trifles will affect your employer rating and, as a result, your economic success in the game. “Legacy” will capture those students who want to see how well they are in business.

7#) Pokemon Sleep

After Pokemon GO dragged millions of people outside from stuffy rooms, Niantic’s next franchise job wants to teach people how to sleep. If you want to get points playing this game, you will need to sleep properly!  As the developers say, their goal is to turn a healthy sleep into fun. In addition, the company announced Pokemon Go Plus Plus — a flat Pokeball device. It uses a built-in accelerometer to monitor your sleep record and transmits data to your Pokemon Sleep app via Bluetooth.

8#) Proxi

“Proxy” is a promising project by “The Sims” creator Will Wright. We’re looking forward to a city planning simulator and a simulator for creating game scenarios based on memories, likes, and activities in social networks. The game will be created from “memes” combined with artificial intelligence clusters of information about you, which will be collected in a certain game structure.

9#) Marvel Realm of Champions:

1. Battleworld Rising

The American studio Kabam is keeping on developing the Avengers game universe for mobile devices. This new game will unite fans worldwide and allow them to fight against legendary villains or each other. The action will be transferred to the planet Battleworld, but don’t get your hopes up. This is more of a service for superhero fans, so you can wait for donations and casual gameplay, which will minimize the cost of investing in heroes and other stuff.

2. Beyond a Steel Sky

“Beyond a Steel Sky” is a sequel to the iconic quest “Beneath a Steel Sky.” It tells the story of a world in which society is governed by artificial intelligence. Players will have a large-scale adventure. The developers promise a living world reacting to the player’s actions, absurd humor, and a variety of puzzles.

3. The Pathless

In the game, you will explore the mysterious island with the main heroine and her eagle. The developers give a special value to creating a sense of “flow,” for which they have worked out a unique system of archery-on-the-move. All these features should bring us even closer to the main characters.

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