Top new features of PUBG Mobile 1.4 Update. Can I download PUBG Mobile on PC?


PUBG Mobile is an online Battle Royale, action and multi-player game developed by Tencent Games. Multiple publishers publish it like KRAFTON, VNG Game publishing, ,etc. The beta version 1.4 update of this game is released, and multiple new features are added in this update. You can download the game on any Android and iOS device. You can also download PUBG Mobile on PC by using an android emulator.

PUBG Mobile 1.4 Update

PUBG Mobile releases its beta versions regularly; the purpose of these updates to test the new features before adding them officially into the update. Recently PUBG Mobile has released the 1.4 beta version. And many features were added in this version. We hope that these features will be available in a new update. In this article, we will discuss the top new features of the PUBG Mobile 1.4 update.

New Brand Shoulder View

A new feature is added in the beta version of the 1.4 updates. This new feature is the shoulder view feature. We hope that this feature will be released officially in the next update.  Like the left and right peak icons, the shoulder view can be seen on the screen. When we tap this shoulder view icon, our character moves to the left side of the screen, and we can see the shoulder view of our character.

The shoulder view feature helps us to find the enemies. Like other icon settings, we can enable or disable the shoulder view feature in the basic settings of the game. The players can also set the sensitivity of the shoulder view according to their wish. It helps the players to shift their sensitivity from higher to lower or lower to higher by clicking on this icon in battle. So the pro players get a lot of benefits from this new feature.

Godzilla and Kong Companions real Voices

In the second beta version of the 1.4 updates, the voice of Godzilla and Kong Companions were added. There will be no in-game voice, but you can hear the voice of these companions in the lobby. So it is the best feature to enjoy the companions.  We hope that this feature will be added in the next update.

New Station

When the players land at Erangel Map, the players will see a new station on the map.  There is a solar power antenna on the roof of the station. There are many new things in this new station. Many glass boxes containing bees, scorpion and other animals. It is like a testing lab, and it seems that these insects and animals are here for research. There is an ATM-like vending machine in this station: their multiple items and attachments like guns, helmets etc in this machine The name of this machine is the Luminator collecting device. The players can purchase the items from this machine by using a special currency named Luminator.

Special Chambers

There is also a special chamber in a station. When you interact in this chamber it will change your character into a bee. It will be shrunk into a very small size. And with this character, you will collect the Luminators to buy the items from the Luminator collecting device. You can see yellow dots in the lab and around the lab; these yellow dots are Laminators.

Teleport from one station to other

There is a special feature of this new update of PUBG Mobile. In the new update, the players will be able to teleport from one station to the other by spending 50 Laminators to teleport from one place to another; you need to convert your character into a bee first.  There is a hole reactor in the lab, and you should enter this teleport anywhere in Erangel Map.  So it is an amazing feature of this update.

Can I download PUBG Mobile on PC?

PUBG Mobile is a famous online multiplayer action game, and it is liked throughout the world by action game lovers. It is considered the top action game in the world of action games. You can play PUBG Mobile on any Android or iOS device. But we also know that it has a very large size and it occupies more space. Smartphones with a large space are expensive, and everyone cannot buy these smartphones. Also, it damages the smartphone system due to its large size and slows down the system of the smartphone.

Therefore people like to play this best online action game on PC. But many do not know the process to download Android games on PC. So we explain it in detail. The PC game lovers can easily download PUBG Mobile on their PC by using an Android emulator. Many Android emulators can be used for this purpose, but the fastest Android emulator is LDPlayer.

Introduction to LDPlayer

We discussed that the fastest Android is LDPlayer to play the games on PC. Now we introduce this Android emulator so that you can understand its features. It is an Android emulator, and it can be used to play Android games and run apps on a PC. LDPlayer has a lighter weight which makes LDPlayer the fastest Android emulator. It also provides the graphics with a 3D display so the players can enjoy the games in the best way. This Android emulator updates its features regularly to make them more user-friendly. Using LDPlayer, you can connect external gamepads to your PC to better control your game.

How to download LDPlayer?

The PC game lovers can easily download and install the LDPlayer Android emulator on their PC. There are few simple steps to download the emulator. You just need to follow the instructions.

  1. Go to the official website of the LDPlayer Android emulator to download it.
  2. On the official website, click on emulator.
  3. You will see a download button; click on this.
  4. It will be automatically downloaded in few seconds.
  5. After downloading, you should install this emulator.
  6. Launch LDPlayer and go to LDstore to download Android games on PC.

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