Top woocommerce templates you can choose

We had to review the existing options of themes and templates compatible with WooCommerce, and if there is a king when it comes to converting your WordPress into a 100% functional online store, that is the template monster.

WooCommerce is now the best plugin that exists to integrate an online store in WordPress, although there are other equally interesting alternatives. we can also expand its features. However, one of the elements that we must take into account when we use WooCommerce, is that the theme or template that we choose has to be 100% compatible.  Now for business there is another world which has scope for the future that is online world and almost all the business is moving on this online world.

The difficult task of choosing the right WooCommerce Theme

One of the features that I like most about WordPress is its scalability. You know how your online project starts, for example as a blog, but not how it can end depending on your objectives. Therefore, the ease that WordPress has to expand and reinvent itself makes it unique compared to other CMS or content managers.

Criteria to consider in a WooCommerce template

We have prepared this compilation of themes designed with WooCommerce support based on some basic criteria and that every online project should have and plan before installing the ecommerce templates .

  • Clean and responsive design: that adapts to all possible resolutions and all devices (smartphone, tablet, and desktop), so that we do not lose a sale regardless of which device our user is using. This is a good responsive design on the webpage templates.
  • Good Usability: It is essential in an online store project to have a good UX or user experience, that the contents are clear and well ordered so that the shopping process and experience is highly satisfactory. Essential!
  • SEO and loading time: that the topic makes good use of tags and markup for Google is essential, but also that the web loads fast, it is essential for good positioning of our WordPress, along with a series of improvements like this or this one about permanent links.

With these clear concepts, let’s see the topics that we have selected. Some of the templates have affiliate links, so if in the end, you decide to use some of the recommended themes, you help us to continue with the blog if this has any extra cost for you. The order of the topics is random, does not correspond to any classification.

I like the good vibes that this design conveys, a perfect theme for WooCommerce aimed at an exclusive audience.  highlight the product pages, with descriptions and many customization options, with good use of typefaces in the design.

It also integrates its own styles and CSS for the purchase process, overwriting the ones that WooCommerce brings by default, something that will make the online store not know that it is made with WooCommerce or WordPress (at least with the naked eye). Overall good options with a hipster touch

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