Trusted Apps for Android Games Hacks

Apps for android games hacks involve detecting loopholes in the game and exploiting them to move up levels faster or gain access to more resources. You can sometimes avoid in-app purchases as well. However, several apps promise features that hack mobile games. If you are confused about which apps are safe to use, here is a list to guide you with Android games hacks.

1. Cheat Engine

The franchise used to provide cheat codes and hacks for PC games. Today, Cheat Engine is an open-source application for Android phones. You can download it for free. The application provides one of the best tools for android game hacks. What can you do with Cheat Engine? You can customize the features of several games. You can add new resources, create new avatars or characters to the game. If you have used the PC version of this application, you may notice that this app is not as comprehensive. Nevertheless, it is one of the most preferred apps for Android games hacks.

2. AndroidHackers is a website where you can download all top android games hacks and mods. They are safe to download and to install on your Android device. There is also no need to root your device, so you are taking almost no risk. The best and most downloaded mods on their website are Garena Free Fire Mod and PUBG Mobile MOD. You should give it a try, as it won’t cost you anything.

3.  Xmodgames

Xmodgames is a top-choice among mobile gamers who want to apply Android games hacks. Why so? The primary reason is its support for most of the popular games. Using this app, you can download mod patches for the game of your choice (provided Xmodgames supports the game). With this mod patch, you can now surpass all the limitations of the game and achieve better scores, rewards, and results. Xmodgames is known for its user-friendly interface. This combined with its support for a wide variety of games makes this app a top choice among mobile gamers.

4. Nox

Nox is an Android emulator for PC. If you are already not aware, an emulator is a virtual machine where you can perform all operations just like you would on an actual device. Using the Nox emulator, you can modify a game’s controls to suit your style of gameplay. In multiplayer online games, controls are important. If you are comfortable with the controls, you can focus better on your game.

Another interesting feature is the mock GPS. In games that require access to your device’s GPS, you can switch to a location different from your actual one. The app comes with an integrated internal root option. This means you do not have to worry about ruining your phone while rooting.

5. Hackerbot

Mobile gamers are constantly looking for trusted apps for Android games hacks. However, there is malware masquerading as hacker apps. How can one differentiate legitimate apps from malware? Hackerbot comes to your rescue! Hackerbot is a search engine that helps you find hacker apps from safe sources. Keep your mobile safe from viruses by searching for apps using Hackerbot’s search engine. You also have access to cheats, tips and tricks and hacks for various games. There are two different search engines in this application. While one provides free access to trusted sources, the other requires you to sign up for premium content.

6. BlueStacks

This is a popular emulator that provides a host of attractive features. Most mobile gamers would have come across this emulator at least once. Its amazing features include – customization of game controls according to the user’s preference, low memory, and CPU usage, setting of GPS location, play different moves with your keyboard/mouse, allows you to simultaneously play more than one game, smooth gameplay, great graphics and an overall improvement in gaming performance. Most of the features provided by emulators such as BlueStacks help in eliminating distractions from the game. You can fully concentrate on gameplay and aim to obtain good results.

7. Creehack

Creehack is extensively used by mobile gamers to hack both online and offline games. This app is mainly used for players who want to access a game’s premium features without paying for it. One can get access to numerous resources with this app. Be it levels, rewards, or collectibles, you can get several steps ahead of a player who plays the game without a modded or hacked version. And, you get to experience everything without spending a penny! What more would you want as a mobile gamer?


While it is not a bad idea to use Android Games Hacks to get a better gaming experience, it is important to use apps from reliable sources.

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