Tweakbox is Down Try top 10 Alternatives In 2020

TweakBox is one of our top installers, a fantastic alternative to Cydia and to the official app stores. Working on both Android and iOS devices, it provides access to thousands of unofficial apps and games, all for free.

What do you do when TweakBox goes down, though? Right now, it isn’t working, and millions of users are left without their apps and games, but there are loads of alternatives. There are so many that it would take you forever to find one that works for you. Don’t worry, though; we put the work in for you, testing hundreds of apps to find the ones that work the best.

Top 10 TweakBox Alternatives

Out of all the TweakBoxApp alternatives, we think these offer a great choice of content. Most are for iOS users only, but there are a couple that offers Android users a great experience too.


CokerNutX is an excellent alternative to TweakBox. It is a relatively new iOS app installer that has few, if any, restrictions. Inside, you can find thousands of apps, games, modifications, and plenty of other third-party apps from all over the world.


Another new app installer, iPA4iOS, is growing in popularity, although it was slow to start. However, it does offer plenty of third-party apps and games, along with plenty of modified and tweaked content too. Regular updates continue to add to the app store so, if your favorite game or app isn’t there, keep checking back.

Asterix Installer

And yet another new offering, Asterix Installer provides free downloads of thousands of apps and games, all without needing to use your Apple ID – that’s a bonus because it means Apple cannot revoke the app certificates.


Aptoide is for the Android users among you. As an alternative to both TweakBox and the official Android app store, it offers Android users thousands of apps and games, lots of third-party content, and plenty that you will not find in the official app store. Right now, it is only available to Android users, but there is every chance the developers may make it available to iOS users in the future.

Mojo Installer

Like TweakBox, Mojo Installer is as near to Cydia as you will get without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad. Not only do you get a huge choice of third-party apps and games, but you also get to download a broad choice of packages, choose your own packages to install, and choose from a number of packages already built-in to Mojo.


AppEven is a little different from many of the app installers because it doesn’t just include apps and games. Here, you can also find a great choice of game emulators, giving you the tools to play your favorite console games on your Apple iPhone or iPad. There are also a ton of third-party apps, games, and media apps. At the time of writing, AppEven game emulators provide support for the HappyChick emulator, which supports 18 consoles, GBA4iOS, NDS4iOS, and SNES4iOS.

TopStore App

TopStore app is one of the best alternatives, offering thousands of tweaks, unofficial apps, a few themes, top-rated screen recorders, modified games, and a whole lot more. In fact, although it doesn’t have anywhere near the number of apps the iOS app store has, it is a much better store and is completely free and has been downloaded millions of times.

FTiOS Store

FTiOS is a comprehensive alternative, developed in Vietnam, and home to thousands of apps and games. To make things easy for you, the developers sorted all the content into six separate categories so you can find what you want without having to spend hours looking.


Another offering from Vietnam, HipStore, is packed with thousands of unofficial apps, games, tweaks, and loads more stuff that you can’t get from any official source. There are plenty of modified games and apps with lots of extra features, and everything is free.


Our last TweakBox alternative, also from Vietnam, is AppVN, an alternative app store that offers Android users a huge range of apps and games. There are loads of unofficial ones, and they are all free, Even better, there’s no need to root your device to use AppVN.

Ten of the very best alternatives to TweakBox, these also offer another option if you can’t jailbreak right now and to the official app stores. All of them offer something different; some of them do not need your Apple ID to work, and they are all completely free to download and use.

Take your pick; there’s bound to be something to suit you here and, because they are all free, you are not losing anything by giving them a go. Feel free to share this and let us know if you come across any other cool alternatives.

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