4 Types of Push Notifications To Escalate Your eLearning Business

The advantages of push notifications for any eLearning business are innumerable. Whilst they nudge your target audience providing them with a friendly reminder of your business, can also help meet your business objectives. But, are you aware of the different kinds of push notifications that have been doing the rounds lately? In this article, we have mentioned four types of push notifications that keep your audience engaged at certain touchpoints. Read on to know!

Informative push notifications

Reminders, alerts, updates, FYI messages, and so on best describe informative notifications. These are the ones that create awareness amongst users about any latest update to the app and suggest installing the new version for improved performance. Besides updating the users that you’re continually improving your app experience for them, informative notifications also comprise reminders such that users don’t miss out on anything important. For instance, notifying users of the time the next module of the course shall take to complete hence alerting them to get started with it.

Promotional push notifications

Promotional notifications are usually associated with some kind of giveaway, exclusive offers, discounts, etc. as they entice the users to make purchases. For example, eLearning companies notifying their learners of the latest offer available for a particular time period on their wishlist course. Alongside, promotional notifications are also a part of other industries like travel and e-commerce. There are various travel websites which notify users of a price drop for the deals and packages they were looking for.

Recurrent push notifications

As the name suggests, recurrent push notifications are the ones that are sent only once to the users at a specific date and time. Regular notifications can be sent monthly or weekly to highlight the top courses, for instance. Recurrent push notifications are not only common in eLearning business but are also best suited for e-commerce and educational apps. For example, some eLearning businesses send weekly notifications for top course picks of the week.

Rating/Survey push notifications

 Nearly 60% of respondents usually or always check ratings before downloading an application, as per a survey. Push notifications inclusive of ratings/surveys are a great way to avail customer feedback which in turn helps to improve their experience. With these notifications, you can gather reviews and are easily able to improve the user experience. Push notifications can ask users to rate the activity they liked most in it.

Final Thoughts

Push notifications although they are relatively recent, are extremely efficient when comes to marketing any eLearning business. More than 60% of users agree to receive push notifications and more than 7% feel that they are important. So, now that you’re aware of the different kinds of push notifications to be used for escalating your marketing efforts, get started with them. However, you must keep in mind that a successful eLearning push notification strategy must be put in place for gaining the desired results

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