How To Use Tinder Without Facebook {Complete Guide}

Tinder is one of the most used app when it comes to dating all around the globe. People like meeting each other through a dating app nowadays in order to know each other and hence, they use Tinder. Since it’s one of the famous hook-up apps, the chances are high to get a date on this app. In this content i am going to talk about how you can use tinder without facebook.

And as the app works on the concept of meeting people who crosses each other’s path, it is easy to get to meet someone who is near us. Such features of Tinder makes people force to download it and hence, it is the number one app with more than 50 millions downloads.

But talking about the drawback, you need a Facebook account to use Tinder for a reality check. However, if the fact of what if your friends come to know that you use tinder does not bother you, it is not an issue for you.

But if it does, you will need a post which tells how to use tinder without Facebook. And since you’re already here, I assume you have searched a lot about it. But don’t worry, we would not disappoint you. We are going to provide a guide of how to use tinder without Facebook.

But before we move on, let us find out why is Tinder linked to our Facebook Accounts.

Why is tinder linked to Facebook?

The reason why tinder is linked to our Facebook account is basically the fact that if you use it via Facebook, there will be a less chances of making a fake account. Also, you will not be asked to upload pictures on Tinder as you must be having a lot on Facebook and people can view those only.

How to use tinder without Facebook?

There are many ways which might come to a help to you. Let us read all here.

1) Make a new Facebook account

Mostly the issue why we don’t want to use Tinder with Facebook is that we don’t want to reveal our personal information and real Facebook account. So for that, you can make a new Facebook account with the following easy steps mentioned below.

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2) Create a new email address

  1. Go to Facebook and fill all the necessary details in the columns.,
  2. Once done, your account will be made.

Now you will have to open the tinder app.

  1. Click on the settings which will be visible on top left corner of the app.
  2. Go to the app settings.
  3. Logout from the app.
  4. Now log in to tinder with the newly made Facebook account.

Now your account is made with new Facebook account and you can always have a control on your activities.

3) Use Tinder with Phone number

If you don’t want to use tinder with your Facebook account, you can try sign up with your phone number. However, you will have to give them a right phone number as they will check it through OTP. This would help you from using it without Facebook at least. Also, since using phone number and Facebook account will make separate accounts, you will get the two different tinder accounts to use legally.

4) Ask to sign up without using your Facebook

Now this option is completely based on your luck. It would not give you any immediate help however you can try doing it for future. You can go the the contact us option and give the suggestion to them. Since Tinder is always up for better suggestions and they might even consider it in future.

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5) Change the settings of Tinder

Through this method, you can try removing the interference by changing the settings of the app. You will have to follow the given setting helps and it might help you in some way.

  1. Start the tinder app on your device.
  2. go to the settings in the app.
  3. You will get an option says SHOW ME ON TINDER SOCIAL. All you need to do is to deselect the option.

If you apply this, you will see that there will be minimum interference in your Tinder account of Facebook.

6) Improve the Facebook Privacy

Last but not the least, if you try improving your Facebook account’s privacy, it will lead to the less interference to the tinder account. Follow the steps we are providing here.

  1. Open your Facebook account and go to the settings.
  2. Click on the lock icon to see more setting options.
  3. Click on the apps and you will see Tinder there. Click on it.
  4. change the app visibility and customize it to ONLY ME.

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This is indeed one of the most safest way to use Tinder without letting your Facebook people know. If you do that, Tinder will not be allowed to post anything on your timeline and it will never send a notification to your friend stating that you’re using Tinder. Indeed, this is a must try way.


So these were some of the ways to use tinder without Facebook. Since the app prefers people to use app with Facebook, it was hard to find a way out. However, customizing some settings or using it from a phone number might help you for sure.

We have tried covering all the possible way out to use it without Facebook. If you’re looking for some more suggestions, drop us a comment here

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