3 Useful Apps for Your Smartphone That You Should Download Now

Nowadays, people are always using their smartphones like it is a part of their body. Most individuals in today’s generation can’t leave their house without bringing their mobile phones with them. Yes, it is now normal that the lifestyle of most people includes too much use of smartphones. And we can’t blame them because this small piece of technology has a lot to offer and it makes our lives easier.

With many things that this device can give us, one of them is making our lives more accessible when it comes to achieving our tasks. There are many apps that you can download, like photo-editing, mobile gaming, entertainment, and many more. It only proves that technology has advanced so much that it can help us get entertained and organize tasks. With that, here is the list of apps that you should download to your smartphone.


The app’s users can edit photos via swiping in picking Snapseed’s many effects and features.  Alternatively, you can adjust the color and contrast of a picture manually. Snapseed can redirect the actions in the past because it can save its history of edits.

Snapseed can also save and create a combination of filters through its features of editing and filters. This list of Snapseeds special effects and filters are Tilt-shift, Center-focus, Frames, Grunge, Vintage, and Drama. When you use this app, RAW photos can also be imported for great quality edits. With that, you can also check this out if you want to learn more about snapseed.


If you don’t have enough time to read all of the online articles, then this is the right app for you. Instead of opening multiple tabs, this app can save the articles from different browsers, whether it is on the phone, tablet, or computer. Then, you can read those pieces in your free time on this app.

Users can also sync the contents so that they can access it even if they are offline. Moreover, this app clears out all the ads and other webpages distractions for the user to have a clean experience in reading and to make it easy on your eyes. Pocket also has extra features like the auto-tagging and advanced search. It also requires users to pay $5 a month if they want a premium subscription, which also removes the ads in this app.


Plex is making it easy for users to watch movies and TV series, stream music, access photos, and a lot more to your Android gadget from your PC. Users need to install the app on their macOS or Windows computer first; after that, they can now transfer all the contents that they want in their smartphone, no matter where the user is.

With that, there are also a couple of warnings. Although transferring files from the computer to your smartphone is free, you have to pay $5 a month for a Plex subscription if you want to avoid limiting your file size. And also, you must download the content first to your PC because this app can’t process protected videos from Amazon, Apple, or Google purchase. Finally, you have to rely on a fast internet connection so that buffering will not take long.


In terms of entertainment, photo-editing, and even accessibility, those apps are perfect for you. While there are more apps in the market, the apps mentioned are enough in making your life easier. What you only need to do is to search for those apps in the Play Store or App Store and start downloading them.

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