8 Useful Tips for Students Planning to Rent in 2020

Had an agreement with your friend or got inspired by popular sitcoms and that’s why preferred to rent an apartment instead of living on campus? It can turn out to be a remarkable experience for you that will help to explore the real independence, make new acquaintances and learn how to manage all aspects of your life on your own.

Although this road is alluring, it has some pitfalls along the way. As with any procedure that leads to financial and personal commitments you should take it seriously and operate residential lease process deliberately.

Review the following guidelines to rent an accommodation that won’t become another clause on the list of your problems but will be a nice place to come back after the hard day. You also need to look out for CustomEssayMeister.

Tips for Students Planning to Rent

Estimate Your Budget and Attitude

A lease agreement is a financial obligation that will significantly affect your funds. That’s why calculate the acceptable amount accurately considering that you will also have to pay for utilities, groceries, transportation and other necessities.

Then reconsider your living arrangements again: do you want to live alone, and can you afford it? Determine your budget as a guideline for that decision since occasionally studying in the library because your roommate has a date will less affect your schedule than a part-time job you might have to take to pay for individual accommodation,

Explore the Opportunities

Look for possible variants yourself but employ the ways to get an outside opinion. You can get in touch with other students through social networks or blogs to find out where you can comfortably settle in accordance with your requirements. There will be different blog niche and you can look for the real-estate related blogs to get the right things for you.

Don’t disregard real estate agencies especially if you drastically alter your place of residence. They will help you not only to orientate within a new city or even other country conventions but also to draw up a contract with accepting payments and living conditions.

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Select and Evaluate Your Neighborhood

The primary demand for the apartment location is the availability of easy and cheap ways to get to the college. The further away you from the campus the lower the rent might be. But consider that these savings will be in any event smaller due to transportation expenses and are they actually worth the trouble of daily long roads to the destination.

Find out the facts and rumors about your block and district. How far stores, restaurants, pharmacy, etc. are? What crime statistics do they have? Talk to your house neighbors in particular. This way you’ll get information also about the landlord, accommodation peculiarities and noise levels of surroundings.

Assure the Fulfillment of Regulations

The individuals that desire to offer their real estate for lease or sub-lease should follow the certain rules considering the successive aspects. You should assure their implementation to avoid difficulties.


Your payment should be protected by one of the governmental Tenancy Deposit Protection Schemes if you reimburse into an accredited deposit plan in the UK. If all requirements are met, it will ensure charge-free Dispute Resolution on the occasion of need.


To propose accommodation for more than one tenant, a landlord should have conforming and valid Homes in Multiple Occupation (HMO) license which content can differ in various regions of the country.


Demand the detailed list of all appliances, fixtures, furniture, etc. that will stay in the apartment during the lease period. It should also include all their conditions that you should ideally supply with photos and then approve it with your property owner and flatmates.

The availability of this documentation will minimize the risks of fraud, eviction and excessive expenses concerning damage compensations and other fines.

Read and Acknowledge the Agreement

Once you sign a tenancy contract as on any similar occasion, you take responsibility to fulfill all its clauses whether you’re familiar with them entirely or partly. If you share an apartment, the behavior of your roommates is also your liability, and you should ensure that they also follow the stipulated terms.

Don’t be afraid to ask to clarify and discuss the clauses. Especially those that concern preterm cancellation of the agreement to avoid unfortunate situations in the inappropriate time. Keep your copy carefully to appeal on the occasion of disputable matters.

Check the Safety and Security Levels

Inspect the accommodation for the presence of bugler and fire alarms, the reliability of locks of the doors including front and back ones, the availability of window grids on the ground floor and if the property is guarded or controlled by a concierge.

Take a hard look at the house overall. Are there any global problems like fundament issues, wall cracks, old wiring or pipes, signs of mold or happened floods, the presence of insects, etc. You will study and won’t have time to deal with them. That’s why don’t opt for even cheap fixer-uppers.

Be Ready to Take Care of The Property

When you rent an apartment cleaning it and keeping its initial state isn’t just a requirement of sanitation and hygiene but an obligation you take once you move in. Be aware that besides an indoor property you can also be asked to take care of a garden or pay for service that will look after the whole joint outside territory.

Your clean-ups should be not just efficient but regularly. So, if you have a busy schedule and live with cohabitants come up with a plan who, when and what is going to do to get the job done. If there’s no way around and you can afford it consider hiring someone.

Insure the Property

If you aren’t included in your parents’ insurance, think about applying for your own. Since to find an ideally secure space is impossible it’s vital to be able to get a reimbursement on the occasion of an accident. Especially considering that you own valuable devices that you constantly require for your studying.

You can get the service from the same agency or search for other opportunities that are suitable for students. Be aware that if your accommodation doesn’t adhere to the necessary safety precautions your policy might be void.

Renting an apartment is a serious and significant financial undertaking. Even if your choice appears right at the moment to come up with a backup plan that will help you to hold your life on the satisfactory level. Open a savings account for the emergencies and pricing changes and learn how to manage money overall. Know where to stay if you will lose the place.

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Don’t be blinded by the excitement from the fact that you’re starting an independent life. Being an adult isn’t just having the freedom in actions but also being able to take responsibility and stick to it. Becoming a rent guy is a big step on the way to achieve that. Ascertain that you can handle it.

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