Using the Power of Segmentation For Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing via email is still a great way to build a thriving retail business if you know how to do it and platforms like Klaviyo offer many functions and features to make success easier to achieve. One such feature is that of segmentation that allows marketers to offer a personalized experience for everyone on their subscriber list.

Whilst the platform is very user friendly, professional Klaviyo marketing specialists can help you to squeeze every last drop out of it. So, for the uninitiated, let’s now take a look at why segmentation is so effective at driving sales.

Audience Segmentation Tools

The process of segmentation is one of the most wide-used by those marketing via email and there are a number of tools available on most platforms. Each of the segments that are identified using this method are dictated by past behavior. It could be that specific subscribers have bought from you before or simply signed up to your mailing list, but it’s something that illustrates specific behavior.

Other determining factors can include things like interests, location, buyer-state characteristics come into play, so that you can create emails that really resonate with the person reading them. Effective use of this technique can lead to a highly engaged customer base that is not only informed, but sees everything you send out as having value.

Segmentation is something that allows you to be all things to all people, with no one ever getting an irrelevant or repeated message that could potentially harm your relationship with them. Targeted marketing campaigns are the order of the day here, rather than a shotgun approach that misses far more times than it hits. Think of it as precision bombing as opposed to scattergun blasts.

Highly Precise Product Recommendations

Another great benefit that segmentation brings is the ability to offer the right product to the right person at the right time. Instead of an email-blast that dumps irrelevant emails into your subscriber inboxes which leads to immediately deleted messengers and that dreaded unsubscribe request, you get to achieve the promised land of engaged readers who see you as an authority and buy from you.

Despite being seemingly overtaken by other, newer kids on the block, email marketing is very much still alive and with clever strategies like this one to use, you can refine your messages to improve your bottom line hugely.

Keep Pace With the Competition With Klaviyo 

Of course, there are other platforms on the market, but Klaviyo is one that stands out for its simple, intuitive UX and the wealth of tools that are available for you to hone your approach. One thing you can rely on is that your competitors are making the most of all available tools, so why would you want to proceed with one hand tied behind your back?In a novice’s hands, Klaviyo can be effective, but with the knowledge and experience that Klaviyo specialist companies bring, you can propel your marketing into the stratosphere. For this reason and many others, it’s a path that many have taken to success and you could be next.

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