VideoProc: a video processing software 4k GoPro and DJI simple, fluid and efficient!

Wondering how to easily edit, convert, resize and adjust 4K UHD videos, DVDs and music? The software that we present to you today, VideoProc, is a simple alternative, more fluid and efficient to other editing software resource-intensive and not always very intuitive.

What are the main features of VideoProc?

1- Video: Process, convert, compress and edit all HD / 4K UHD video and audio.

2- Download: Download live videos, movies, music, playlist, YouTube videos, Facebook, Dailymotion and more than 1000 sites.

3- Record: save all or part of your computer screen, record with a webcam, record both with a screen and a webcam.

4- DVD: Convert a DVD to over 420 formats, create DVD backups in 6 different ways.

What is video processing and why is it important?

The processing of a video is the branch of signal processing that applies to a video signal, with the aim in particular of improving the quality (or not too much deteriorating it by compressing), of compressing it, of convert, or extract information.

If you have (like me) a fairly powerful laptop but limited in RAM and not equipped with a SSD, there is a good chance that you will tear your hair every time you want to edit videos in 4K on your computer because of the complete slowdown of your computer.

To make it simple, to edit today 4K videos on a laptop with a traditional software (Adobe Premier Pro and co), it is necessary that it has an ultra powerful processor (4 hearts if possible), a lot of RAM (16 Go, that’s fine) and a quality SSD hard drive. But now, considering the price of this type of material, it is clearly not given to everyone …

Fortunately for us, specialized video processing software like VideoProc can optimize the resources of your computer in order to get the most out of it and to be able to process 4K videos much more fluently.

5 advantages of VideoProc compared to other video editing software:

The hardware acceleration allowed by the video stabilization software has impacts on the processing of 4K videos, here’s how.

With this software:

Real-time video processing is up to 47 times faster
the size of video files are optimized to reach up to 90% less than the source file
quality is never altered through acceleration
the CPU load of your computer is reduced to 40%
all newer computers will be able to process 4K videos (even without performance and a huge data sheet)

VideoProc: What useful features in addition to video processing?

Specialized in video processing, VideoProc is also a complete video editing software that also allows its users:

– Edit their videos (4K or 1080p): cut, resize, crop, split, merge, rotate, subtitle, add effects, reduce jitter (smooth video), reduce noise and pixelization, etc.
– Transcode their rush: compress videos, convert to the desired format, edit codecs or dimensions.
– Resize their videos: compress the weight of a 4K video, reduce the length of the video, …
– Adjust the video settings: A / V synchronization, deinterlacing, adjusting playback speed, frame rate, bit rate, etc.

In addition to these video processing and editing features, VideoProc also allows you to download and record DVDs directly to your computer.

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