12 Vipbox Alternatives For Live Sports in 2022

Are you in search of an ultimate site where you can stream sports without any limitation? If yes, then you don’t have to look further than Vipbox. VIPBox is the ultimate stop for sports enthusiasts as multiple sports can be streamed here without any issue.  

Compared to any other streaming site, it continues to garner attention for many reasons, the unlimited supply of sports being number one of it all. However, if you want to know what the site is offering its users, keep reading it. Today we have focused our gaze towards penning down everything we know about this website and its alternative. 

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What is VIPBox?

Vipbox is the ultimate site that will provide users with a plethora of streaming options. Unlike other sports-generated sites, the VIP Box does not shy away from providing its users with an array of services and content. Moreover, such content is not restricted within the constraints of just sports. 


You can watch movies, series, and other sports-related content to keep yourself updated on such trends. Here is a thorough laydown of its features to get the complete picture of what you will be using this application. 

● The site is entirely free of charge. You need not subscribe to the site for further usage. Moreover, you do not need to sign in as well. So all you have to do is directly access it to stream the sports of your desire. 

● The clean interface makes the operability of the website accessible. Moreover, the vivid layout makes the navigation icon very apparent, which promotes usage. 

● A plethora of content is available for streaming, including sports, series, movies, and others. The sports include the streaming of baseball, football, soccer, etc

● The application allows the user to catch a glimpse of the best of content life. In addition, you can stream the sports live happening over the globe. 

Is It Safe?

Now comes the main question, which is whether the VIP box tv is safe or not. But before we share with you about its safety status, let us share why it is banned in most countries. Yes, you read it right; in many countries, users cannot access VIPBox because the broadcasting services of the respective countries have blocked the website for the safety of their netizens’ privacy. 

However, it does entail the fact that VipBox is not safe. One can use the site accordingly using a straightforward application. We are talking about the VPN application. By using it, you can bypass such restrictions imposed by the broadcasting system. However, if you do not want to use the services using VPN, then read ahead to know our list of the 12 best alternatives for vipbox sports. 

Our top alternatives for VIPBox

Following, we have mentioned vipbox alternatives that we think are similar to the original site. The reliability and the structure of the websites in the list are easy to use. So, let’s go through all the places to know what makes them worthy of our time. 

1#) BossCast.net

BossCast.net is one of the well-known sites for all types of sports streaming. So, when it comes to watching lesser-known sports, you can rely on this site to stream them. As it shares similarities with the VIPBox, one can assure that it will offer live broadcasts. Along with options, you can choose to watch live TV channels to get highlights of the matches. 


Bosscast is one of the best for you if you want to stay updated on the sports realm, as here you will get live scores and sports news on a plethora of sports such as tennis, basketball, football, handball, rugby, badminton, and more. In addition, it offers more than 130 channels where you can stream the sports anytime, anywhere. 

 Our verdict:  

Bosscast is worth your time as it will provide you with up to 130 channels for sports. 

 2#) goATDee

goATDee has made it to our list because it is also a free sports streaming site that provides countless sports without compromising quality. As a result, it is one of the topmost alternatives that can fulfill your basic demands for sports.


By delivering you with a list of all the essential streaming services regarding all the significant sports such as baseball, cricket, football, soccer, WWE, and more, the user will explore the different types of games using individual channels for free. 

Goatdee is also a site where you don’t have to be restricted to watching sports alone as you can stream news and entertainment. However, the vast database dedicated to sports alone makes it worth our time. 

Our verdict:

It is worth our time for the vast database. 

3#) LAOLA1

LAOLA1 is one of the topmost options that you should turn to if you want a VipBox alternative. It has a clean and straightforward interface which makes the functionality of the sites very easy. 


Moreover, the application is prevalent for providing the user with different types of sports streaming services. So, if you desire to stream the sports live or catch the highlights of the matches, you have to turn your gaze towards LAOLA1. 

Whether you want to stream leagues or tournaments, you can catch it irrespective of place and time. Moreover, the LAOLA1 application is free to use without requiring excessive steps like registration or signing up. 

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Our verdict:

LAOLA1 is worth your time because of the clean interface and live sport streaming services. 

 4#) SportLemon

SportLemon is on the list because of its simplicity and the deliverance of multiple features similar to viprow. Not only sports, but SportsLemon offers videos on both series and movies as well. 


You can choose to watch a live match on a TV channel and other videos related to the sports here for free. Moreover, they offer recently published updates and news on sports, contests, and more daily. Thus, Sportlemon is the ultimate site with which you should engage for complete amusement. 

There is no doubt that Sportlemon will deliver you with several watching options, other than just sports. So depending on your mood, you can choose the right content of high quality. 

Our verdict:

Sportlemon is usable for high-quality videos. 

5#) Feed2All 

Feed2All, another ultimate substitute for the VIP Box website, you can watch all the sports-related stuff for free. Yes, you read it right; the website is free to use which does not need a subscription Or signing from your side.


This popular streaming service provides a valuable streaming service as feed2all covers multiple sports channels specializing in specific sports and matches. Moreover, the well-organized and intricately customized setting under different genres of various sports will give you the chance to explore as you want. 

Moreover, all the videos can be availed of in high quality with decent sound effects. Feed2all makes locating the ongoing sports events on the homepage very easy. 

Our verdict:

Deserve your time for providing multiple sports under customized settings.  

 6#) Streamcomando

Streamcomando has become one of the go-to websites for many since it offers many channels specializing in sports without the need to register for it. Moreover, it is a beautiful site that offers different sports-related services without any cost.


Although you may have to skip a considerable number of ads, nonetheless, it will not ruin your watching experience. You can watch all the visual content in high quality. 

Moreover, Streamcomando is the only site where downloading content like sports, movies, and series can be done without any issue. But, of course, you need good internet access. Moreover, here you can check the updates of the ongoing matches at any time. 

Our verdict:

Worth your time for providing countless sports. 

7#) fuboTV

FuboTV has also made it to our list because of the selection of sports that it provides the audience the chance to stream. It is specifically designed for streaming live sports and other content like news updates related to sports without any cost. You require a good internet connection and nothing else to stream content on the website. 

The FuboTv platform will also cover several entertainment streaming options, like famous series from different distribution services, recently released movies, and much more. Moreover, the simple interface makes the functionality straightforward. 

Our verdict

Fubotv is worth your time because of has a simplistic and straightforward interface. 

8#) StopStream

StopStream is also one of the reliable sources you choose to watch your favorite sports as it is the one-stop destination for all kinds of sports. Starting from less heard sports like F1 racing to ice hockey and horse riding, you can choose to watch them here at StopStream. 


This excellent Stopstream website also comes with advanced features, which makes the exploration and mechanism of the website very worthwhile. 

They will provide you an option to catch live videos, highlights of chats, and other sports-related content. What is even better is that you can stay connected with fans around the globe using the chat section. 

 Our verdict: 

Go for it. Stopstream deserves a try to have a well-structured mechanism. 

 9#) MamaHD

MamaHD is the ultimate option you should rely on if you want a popular platform delivered with everything-under-the-umbrella of sports. Be it baseball, or cricket, or soccer, or the very less-streamed sports, you can choose to stream them on MamaHD. 


You can also stream videos of all types. What is best about using this site to stream your favorite content on high-quality video resolution is that you do not need a personal PC to avail of them. MamaHD is compatible with smartphones, laptops, and tablets as well. 

Apart from providing the viewer the chance to stream them live, they also showcase the highlighted videos. And as the name suggests, catch the favorite moments of sports on HD. 

Our verdict:

Deserves a shot for the visual quality. 

 10#) StrikeOut

The strikeOut is one of the very few websites that specifically focus on delivering the viewers with all-things-sports. So, if you have a strong internet connection with great speed, you need to turn to StrikeOut, an over-the-top vipbox NFL alternative. 


You need not subscribe or sign in to use it. All you need to do is stream it directly on any device that can support the establishment of the links. Moreover, it will provide you with links to live matches happening worldwide irrespective of time and place. 

The smooth interface and straightforward layout make the operability of the strikeout site easy for users. So, anyone having even less technical knowledge can easily access it. Strikeout is also the best application that promotes sports communities. 

Our verdict:

Deserves a visit for a developed interface. 

11#) FOX Sports GO

FOX Sports GO has become one of the absolute VIP box alternatives as one can access all the live channels that specialize in sports alone. In addition, the track provides access to live marks occurring all over the globe. 


Nonetheless, FoxsportsGo is all free. However, one does need to subscribe to the services to gain access to it. By subscribing to the services, you will utilize all the premium features without any cost. 

The website’s database is very diverse, and because of this comprehensive database, this particular site is used all over the globe. The straightforward interface and cohesive layout make the operability very easy for anyone over any age range. You can get your hands on sports at a high-quality video resolution as well. 

Our verdict:

It deserves a try if you want something secured. 

 12#) StreamIPTVonline

StreamIPTVonline.com is one of the topmost VipBox alternatives for providing sports stream services. It is made in a specific way keeping in mind the differences in demands of the audiences.

 Hence, the tailor-made features of the application allow wide-ranging users to utilize it without any issues. You can get details about ongoing and upcoming sports matches without worrying about being left behind the trends. 

You can get knowledge about sports like football, rugby, tennis, volleyball, hockey, etc. Moreover, there is no need for any enthusiastic user to register to the service to access the content. Therefore, it is free to use and safer as well. 

Our verdict:

Deserves a try from your side for tailor-made features. 

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