Video Marketing- 5 Brands that Used Video Marketing In 2018

Video marketing is the core of digital marketing platform because it explains every aspect of the business; better even to those who hear about the brand for the first time.

It is for this reason that video content managers take this role to help the business grow in the digital landscape through creation, publishing and sharing materials designed to bring in new customers, increase sales, and increase company visibility through different platforms.

The marketing plan is no longer about how much advertising budget you have set aside. Marketing executives who use video already know that it is about how you spend the money set aside for marketing. One of the most striking places to find most of these video ads is by turning to social media with a good strategy and execution.

Marketing Strategies

This guide will you through five brands that have stood out in the year 2018 for the effort they made in using video to announce their arrival in the digital space. Look at the digital marketing strategies used and see what you can do and probably be a better marketer.

The bottom line is whether you have $100,000 or $10,000, take your chance with social media and create a new wave to grow your brand.

1. Peel

Making cell phone cases is a competitive market. Instead of buying bulk cases from online stores, Peel decided to sell their thin phone cases that are functional and stylish. To highlight their product, they use Facebook video Ads to create a story that keeps them above everyone else.

Peel has used this campaign to increase sales revenue by more than 15 times, and their return on investment rose 3 times higher. The success does not ride on the Video footage alone; they have led their organic followers to an equally appealing Instagram feed.

The company is also proving a point by quick responses to their customers on Instagram. Quick answers give them another score, which already complements their video campaign success. Excellent customer on the social platform is crucial if you want to create video and follow it up using different channels.

2. Wayfair

Wayfair is an online retailer known for their furniture and household items. Following the launch of the new shopping feature on Instagram, retailers took this as an opportunity to tag specific products within a single picture, direct the users to a landing page with the item, and buys it.

Wayfair went a step further and adopted this feature into their social media strategy. They create a visually appealing post; a little shopping bag identifies all items available for shopping. Tapping the shopping icon brings up all the details available for sale.


When you decide to shop by tapping the item, you will be directed to a page with a cart where you can make a purchase. Wayfair knew that by using isolated images with a background color might not be as attractive as the new concept.

3. Casper

Selling mattresses to consumers by injecting is not an easy thing in today’s social media. Casper decided not to center their content on the “boring” mattresses but the value of the mattress. They know this quite well because when you are buying a mattress, it is because of the need and not the benefits you will get from it.

They know that however much you do not need a mattress anytime soon; you will stick on their channel for entertaining news. Casper has a dedicated marketing team that stays active with varying posting frequencies for each of their social media profiles.

Casper has also made it a habit of posting similar messages on all their platforms to make sure that those who do not follow one account will somehow get the message using another platform. It is easy to note that Casper worked out their brand voice and chose an angle not related to mattresses – humor.

4. Tena

Most video campaigns tend to catch up on the subjects most population relates to. Tena decided to break the taboo by encouraging people to share videos discussing incontinence. Theysells a line of product dealing with retinal incontinence. They use the social media platform to show how normal the condition is and give informational advice on how to live with it.

The most recent campaign was when they started a video campaign on social media contest that required contestants to promote their pelvic floor fitness. The campaign proved to be successful by being able to unite women around an issue less talked about and brings the subject up for everyone to be part of it.

Encouraging fans to engage the way Tena does through its campaigns gives everyone a lot of confidence and increased self-esteem. This is an excellent lesson to marketing students who may shy away from using social media to front “non-popular” concepts.

5. Wholesome Culture

Wholesome culture is a fashion house targeting people who enjoy plant life and show less aggression through spreading of a message that plant-based eating and looking after the environment is the way to go.

One of the most significant strategies they use is posting content based on viral memes and trends. Such posts drive traffic towards their page, and they capitalize by sandwiching their content with a meme closely related to what is on offer.

A different tactic they use on Instagram is the sharing of short videos of vegan recipes. The next question would be what a fashion house would gain by posting recipe videos. The concept is all about knowing your audience and creating the type of content they can relate to.

The Wholesome culture shows the importance of building a community on social media that goes beyond gaining followers.

The Best way to Learn is Through Examples

The list of brands highlighted here shows how proper use of video content has changed the position of these brands not only on the internet but increased their profit margins by far. Social media does not discriminate the size of your pocket or business, all you have to do is to create an online and see what they like.

Remember that the new social media features are there to be exploited by you.

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