7 Ways To Improve Your Gaming Skills In Present Era

Playing video games has become the biggest entertainment gaming industry of the world. Video games have  come a long way since  the early 80s eras of  8 bit 2D video gaming to the now 21 century high quality resolution and graphic 3D gaming. Even so much as becoming an official sport known as E-sport.   Not only did the video gaming industry has improved over the years by their enhancement and development through visual and graphic effects but also by game play and engaging story line as well. That capturesevery demo graph from the early 80s to the recent generation.

However, with the increasing development of advance video games and gaming competitiveness in sponsored “E-Gaming leagues” and online battles. Gamers are becoming more conscious about their game play and tack ticks that they use in the gaming grounds.

Here are some ways gamers can improve their gaming skill:

  1. Practice

“Practice makes perfect”. Make sure you try your hand on many games as much as you can .If you are a beginner in gaming then try to play games that are on the easier level at first and then go on to a much high level on your game play settings. This will help you understand the intensity of the levels as well as makes the game play more enjoyable.

  1. Game play strategy

Many video games are programmed with many game play possibility and algorithms of   different outcome. Knowing and planning the right kind of strategy needed in a certain level and trying out different possibility of trick in games, will definitely enhance your gaming skills and mind skills as well.

  1. Learn from the pros

Watch how professional gamers play on YouTube or on Twitch.This will help you in understanding how other gamers solve game problem and how they use different strategy in their game play. They also give out tips and walkthrough of certain games as well.Which can help you when you ever are stuck in a certain level of the game and need help in that area.

  1. Eye-hand coordination

Boost your eye–hand coordination. Play games that require you to develop an understanding of yourvisual perception like playing games that are like first person shooter games or any game, which requires accurate ranging.This motor skill is something that is useful for both, your gaming skill as well as your own life skill as well.

  1. Know the game

Make sure when playing any new game start off by researching the game first. Read the instructions or use the tutorial mode when playing the game. Also make sure you know what the game type is like example RTS: (Real Time Strategy), MOBA: (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.), RPG: (Role Playing Game.) Etc. All of these games have different gaming format and game play and require different game strategies.

  1. Upgrade your game tech

Good quality gaming tech do play a significant role on your game play like the way the Spiderman Jacket is valued. Having the right kind of gadgets like a good controller. Monitor, graphic card and a gaming CPU (if you’re a PC player)etc. will help with having less issues with laggingor gamequality and more enjoyable and efficient gaming.

  1. Gaming healthy

Healthy diet is a key part, which most video gamers tend to forget or neglect. Gamers spend about 4+ hours on their games than they do on searching for the new Michael Jackson Costume.Sitting in a certain position can definitely but strain on the muscles as well even damage it. Make sure you move around and exercise  from time to time ,  have an  healthy diet instead of choosing  junk food  .This definitely will improve how you play video games   as well as help better  your active life too as well .

Hope you follow through this guideline and better your gaming skill enough to become the next champion in an E-gaming tournament.

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