What Exactly Is Pinterest and How It Works As a Social Site

You’ve heard the news about social media marketing. There seem to be a million and one people who supposedly specialize in it, and there’s talk of amazing conversion rates as a direct result of what is presented on online forums. It seems that the Internet has dramatically changed the way advertising is done.

Facebook ads are a common discussion point, as are Instagram ads. As popular as those platforms are, their conversion rates aren’t very high given the wide reach that they have. And what about this Pinterest thing, what’s that all about?

Let’s back up a second. What exactly is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform that is driven by images. As you scroll through, pictures are shown that often contain links to product websites. The subjects can range from clothing to dessert recipes to workout schedules to all things in between. If you see an image or link — known as a “pin,” you can save it to your board to reference later.

See where this is going?

Chances are you know someone who uses Pinterest for literally everything, from wedding planning to recipe hunting to DIY crafts. While that’s all entertaining, how in the world could such a platform help a business out?

That’s where Pinterest marketing comes in.

On every corner of the Internet, we’re confronted with ads for companies and products, told what we should buy and what we should want, who we should trust and who we should want to work with. The same goes for Pinterest. Though it may not be obvious to every user of the social media platform, what we see on Pinterest and what is pushed to the top of our boards are all controlled by people working in Pinterest marketing. Every single recipe, house layout, interior design technique, or workout plan is shaped by who likes what, who saves what, and who spreads what. By no means is this random; rather, it’s controlled by people who understand what consumers want and know how to make them want it even more.

By taking advantage of Pinterest and how the platform functions, your product and brand can be referenced back from time to time and again. Any time that someone goes and browses through their saved pins, they pass by your advertisement. It also means that when they reference your works and products, they can share the pin with their companion, therefore expanding your reach while you continue on with your business plans.

Of course, in order to make Pinterest work for you, you have to understand how the platform itself works.

Whether your business is just kicking off and you’re looking to get the word out in a quick, aesthetic way or if your business is thriving and you’re looking to expand your reach even further, courses like this one will work wonders for your social media marketing plan.

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